Here is a little background information:  I started training for a half trail marathon early August 2014. I had been running before August but I had recently increased my average run to 8 km. During that time I was making sure to run 10-15 km once a week. I had tons of energy and was finally feeling like myself again. Early September I definitely could have run that half marathon. Unfortunately my race was not until October 25th.

That is when…..BOOM!!! 2 lines appear on the pee stick and I found out I was pregnant. It was all starting to make sense. Mid September I had been feeling more tired, hungry and nauseous when we did the grouse grind hike with friends and then I was taking an hour to complete a 4 km run. 4 km!!! How was I supposed to complete the half marathon when I could not even complete 4 km!!!

I am going to preface my next paragraphs by saying we were extremely happy for this new addition.

Have you ever had anything in your life that makes you feel like you are not the person that you were? Pregnancy does this to me. It takes away my desire to do physical activity, makes me sick, tired and grumpy. Now add in full time work, trying to love and care for my daughter (and my husband) this race just seemed like it was not going to happen.

My husband said to me “Annika you can still do the half marathon, you can totally do it. Just run as much as you can,walk when you have to etc etc.” For many days I looked at him and said “I will try…” When really I was thinking ‘you try ruining while feeling like at any moment, the trail you are running on could turn into last night’s dinner.’ Eventually I looked at him and said “Stop saying I can do this. It’s not motivating.  I am a sick, tired and a grumpy pregnant woman that is supposed to run a half marathon? That seems like a recipe for disaster.” Then I said… “Let’s do the 10 km instead!”

The day of the race my husband’s parents looked after our daughter. It was so nice to know that she would have a blast with her Grandparents while my husband and I were having a blast in the mountains.

I was so excited to have time with my husband in the mountains without having to worry about our daughter. We were lucky to have our friend join us as well. She is a super athlete who has completed Iron Mans! We took it so slow that I could not believe that she decided to stay with us. Sometimes though its just about enjoying  nature with friends and that is all that matters. But seriously we went so slow that I came in 4th last with my two support team members and a John Do coming in behind. However… I did not care.

Breathing in the fresh mountain air and enjoying something I love was incredible. As much as I love my two children it felt great to do something for myself and feel like me again. I felt I lost a little bit of myself during pregnancy and motherhood that it felt great to regain some of myself as I dove into my second pregnancy.



By Annika
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