Protein for Babies

In Canada, public health nurses and doctors have been recommended that a babies first food is protein. They recommend this because at 6 months breast milk or formula does not provide enough iron for the baby. Since we like to travel and head outdoors a lot, I have come up with 4 easy travel foods with a good source of protein for babies. Extra bonus?? They are whole foods and prepared by you!
Below are two lists; the first list is a packing list and the second is a list of 4 easy protein travel foods.

Packing list: Many of these things you can ask for at a restaurant but these are nice to haves in case you want to stop in a park, on a hike, etc. We find that when we get home we wash and prepare everything and put it right back in our backpack/diaper bag.

  • Baby spoon and/or fork
  • Butter knife or pocket knife:  to cut up required food
  • Fork: to mash up food
  • Empty container or two with a lid: for mixing, mashing, putting smaller quanties into and packing leftovers
  • Bib
  • Wet wipes/wet cloth/paper towel: for easy clean up
  • Small Bag:  for dirty dishes

Please note: that I am not a nutritionist or food safety expert. Each tip is from my experience please make choices you are comfortable with. Every baby handles foods and textures differently and when they are ready. Offer food according to food safety standards where you live.

Easy Travel Protein Ideas
Steak pieces, chicken pieces or kabobs: This is another great leftover that can be easy travel food for you baby. Try to make sure the pieces are finger length and about 1-2 inches wide. My two kids enjoyed this alot as one of their first foods and would hold the piece of meat themselves.
Black Beans: My daughters were able to eat whole black beans around the age of 8 months. Before 8 month I would either mash or cut them in half. They also enjoyed developing their pincer grip while trying to pick up the beans. Just open a can, rinse and pack in a jar or container. Even better is if you have a chance to pre-cook them with some spices and quinoa.
Chickpeas:  My kids were able to eat whole-cooked chickpeas around the age of 9 months old. Before that I would either cut them in half or mash them and sometimes mix with water. These are great for meals on the go and provides some entertainment as they try and take them out of a spill proof container (even though they sometimes spill a little bit).
Hard boiled Egg (Egg Yolks) : Hard boil a few eggs and keep them in the fridge. They are then ready to go! Bring a container with a lid that way you can mash the egg yolk in the container and mix with water if necessary. This became a staple when my second daughter until she was about 9 months old. Even better was that my 2 year old daughter loved the egg whites so they would share the egg.
By Annika
By Annika
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