Easy Travel dairy foods
 Breastmilk and/or Formula are still meant to be your child’s main source of dairy before the age of 1. This is for two reasons: it helps babies absorb iron and is easy to digest. That being said there are some great dairy options that can be a great snack for kids on the go.
Dairy for my children: Initially my daughters have had some trouble digesting the following snack suggestions. Within a month they grew out of this intolerance and they have become regular snacks for my girls. When we visited the doctor they had said this was normal for kids. Also my oldest daughter still has difficult having milk but can eat cheese and yoghurt without any trouble. They said it is because the lactose has not yet been broken down making it difficult to digest.
Below are two lists; the first list is a packing list and the second is a list of 2 easy travel dairy foods.

Packing list: Many of these things you can ask for at a restaurant but these are nice to haves in case you want to stop in a park, on a hike, etc. We find that when we get home we wash and prepare everything and put it right back in our backpack/diaper bag.

  • Baby spoon and/or fork
  • Butter knife or pocket knife:  to cut up required food
  • Fork: to mash up food
  • Empty container or two with a lid: for mixing, mashing, putting smaller quanties into and packing leftovers
  • Bib
  • Wet wipes/wet cloth/paper towel: for easy clean up
  • Small Bag:  for dirty dishes

Please note: that I am not a nutritionist or food safety expert. Each tip is from my experience please make choices you are comfortable with. Every baby handles foods and textures differently and when they are ready. Offer food according to food safety standards where you live.

Yoghurt: Yoghurt is a great dairy option for babies as it is creamy and soft like a puree. Pack it in a jar or make it even easier with a reusable pouch and you are ready to go!

Cheese: Cut the cheese in small pieces and pack in a reusable container. I have given my daughters small pieces of cheese around the age of 8 months.


By Annika
By Annika


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