hiking with a baby

Hiking with a baby can be a really great bonding experience between a family.

Creating memories in the outdoors is such a great way to get to know your little one and expose them to the great outdoors.

It can also be intimidating deciding to take your baby on a hike for the first time. 

There is information that you want to know before hiking with a baby that maybe you didn’t care about before having a baby.

Things like “Is the trail all-terrain stroller accessible or city stroller accessible” OR “how hard is the trail for all different abilities” OR “what kind of dangers are there on the trail I may want to know about before deciding whether to hike the trail”

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TrailCollectiv hiking app

Making sure you have everything you need for the hike can help make hiking with a baby easier. 

Here are 10 items to pack when hiking with a baby!

Note: These are all items specific to hiking with a baby. It does not include the essentials like a First Aid Kit  as that is a  typical item to bring regardless of whether you are bringing a baby or not.

If you are going to do a lot of hiking out of service and deep into the wilderness by yourself with your little one then we strongly recommend looking into purchasing either a Garmin Inreach or a Spot device.

10 items to pack  when hiking with a baby

Diapers and wipes

Here is a rough approximate of how many diapers I would bring for a full day in the outdoors.

  • Newborns: 10 diapers
  • Babies: 8 diapers.

Reusable bag that is washable

This is great for any dirty diapers, wipes and clothing you acquire on the hike.

Blanket or blanket changing mat

This is nice to have for when you need to change your baby. Lie them on the blanket and/or changing mat and wipe away.

Snacks/food for baby

Bring any necessary food along for the baby. Check out some of our food ideas:

Carrier +Carrier Cover

Pack a carrier and a carrier cover in case it rains, snows or becomes very windy!

A backpack carrier is easier on the back if they are big enough.

They often have a backpack that can attach for extra storage.

Check out these backpack carriers here in Canada and here in the USA/worldwide.

We recommend trying on the backpack carriers before purchasing if the budget allows for it.

Often carriers like the Deuter and Osprey brands have a higher resale value and are worth the investment for comfort.

The MEC is often less comfortable but more affordable. We purchased that one used for $40. I was uncomfortable with it the whole time but we were students at the time and I had no idea about the resale value of the higher end brands.

(If you can come back and purchase through our site that would be amazing and support our families taco night).

Purchase the Osprey Poco Plus in the USA here and in Canada here.

Purchase the Deuter Kid Comfort in the USA here and in Canada here.

For a smaller baby, shorter hikes or if you have someone else that is going to carry the baby necessities a smaller carrier will work like the Ergo baby carrier and the Baby Bjorn baby carrier.


If the baby is breast fed and the mom is coming along then this part is easy.

If the mom is not on the trip or the baby is formula fed make sure to bring at least one bottle extra for the number of hours you expect to be hiking.

You will be happy to have extra milk instead of a crying baby demanding more milk on the hike.

Baby Benadryl

In case of an allergic reaction.


Find one that has a strap attaches under the chin. The strap will  help the hat to stay on their head. We love the Sunday Afternoon hats.

Baby Clothing

Baby should wear a long sleeve and pants to protect from the sun if you are really exposed.

Bring along a sweater, toque, warm onesie suit in case the weather changes especially if you are hiking in the mountains.

This is especially true if you are hiking in the mountains where the weather can be unpredictable.

Camera and/or Phone!

You are hiking with your baby and you will want to take pictures.

Take pictures and enjoy the hike! It will be awesome to look back on these photos and share your adventure with your little one.

Often on nights when our girls are asleep my husband and I will go through the pictures and reminisce about the memories we have created outdoors with our family.

Am I missing anything? I would love to know which items you find essential to bring when hiking with a baby.

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