As the fall weather is getting colder there are still many ways to get outside and be active with the kids. In fact the slightly cooler weather is a great time to get active and have the kids run around outside because it is not too hot or too cold. My husband and I call the cooler fall weather perfect running temperature. Get outside and enjoy the days before they become shorter and shorter.

Outdoor Activities for Fall

Bike ride

Go for a bike ride. Biking is a great way to enjoy fall. Fit in a short bike ride before or after dinner. It is so important to enjoy the extra time after dinner because the days are about to get even shorter!!!


Find a nice hike in the mountains, park or green space and enjoy the changing colour of the trees. Around the Calgary, AB area in Canada people love going on walks or hikes in the fall that have Larch trees.

Outdoor Activities for Fall


Get your kids out and go for a family run. The run does not have to be long and can be just around the block. Your kids will love running with you and the running will keep you warm. Another great option is to have the adult run and the kids bike ride. This is something my husband did with his dad growing up and he could not wait until he was fast and strong enough to run with his dad instead of bike. Talk about a great active role model!

Build a sand castle

Do you live on the beach or have a sand pit in your backyard? Even though it might be hard to swim in the water at this time of year it is important to get your sand fix in before it freezes and digging becomes impossible!

Visit the water

Visit the nearest river, ocean or lake in your area. Swimming might not be an option in the cooler fall weather so instead have a picnic and enjoy throwing rocks in the water. Fall is also a great time to go canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding if the weather permits.


By Annika Mang
By Annika Mang
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2 thoughts on “5 Outdoor Activities for Fall!!!”

  1. Some great tips! Thanks for this post! I remember the walking/running along stage as our son rode his bike and now for a number of years we have been enjoying family bike rides. It’s so good to enjoy each stage. 🙂

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