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Getting outdoors with a baby in the winter for long periods of time might seem like a big deal. With some preparation and pre-planning getting outdoors in the winter  is a great way to  encourage good naps and soak up some much needed Vitamin N. If you are breastfeeding your baby check out  tips for breastfeeding your baby in the winter.   Baby milk and food should never be a deterrent from getting outdoors… Even in the winter. Storing heated pre-made formula  or breast milk for long periods can cause bacterial growth making your baby ill. Packing milk or formula in the winter can seem overwhelming. This can make it difficult to   feed your little one outside in the cold! While it may be a little bit more work to pack milk and/or formula in the winter, it is not impossible. Get outside and feed your little with these tips:

Powdered Formula

1. Boil water: Heat the water ahead of time. Make sure to heat  the water  a bit more than what your baby typically  enjoys drinking. It is easier to cool off the liquid than it is to re heat it outdoors in the cold.

2. Thermos: Once you have heated the water place it inside the thermos so that it stays warm until your baby is ready for their food. Make sure that you have a  good thermos that will keep the water warm.

2.  Measure formula in the bottles: If you are using powdered formula then put the amount of formula you need in each of the bottles you are bringing  ahead of time. That way you do not need to worry about measuring the formula ahead of time in the cold.

4.  Let it cool: When the baby is ready put the water from the thermos  into the bottle with the formula. Then let it cool to the appropriate temperature.

5. Let the baby eat!

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Pre-mixed Formula or Breast milk in a bottle

Note: If you have a portable bottle warmer that uses batteries then you can bring that along and heat the bottle in the bottle warmer instead of worrying about steps 1 , 2 and 4!

1. Boil water: Boil water ahead of time. Make sure the water is nice and hot because it will cool off outside in the cold. It is easier to cool off the water than it is to re heat  it in the cold.

2. Thermos:   Place the boiled water in the thermos .

3. Packing the formula/milk: Pack the formula/milk in a small cooler pack with a pack of ice.  Pack an extra container  as well as a bottle.

4. Heating: To heat the formula milk, place the boiling water in the extra container. Then place  the milk/formula containers into the boiling water and let them warm. Then pour the liquid into the bottle. Another option is to  heat the milk/formula in the bottle  inside the boiling water in the container.

5. Let the baby eat!

Feeding your baby milk or formula in the winter


Annika Mang
By Annika Mang
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4 thoughts on “Feeding your baby milk or Formula in the Winter”

  1. Do you have any tips for dealing with diaper changes in the cold outdoors? I have a few questions you have probably encountered…

    1. If there are no facilities around and it has to be done immediately, do you strip them down in the freezing cold? How do you keep their lower half warm?
    2. What do you carry supplies in if you are gone for long periods of time? I have two kiddos in diapers, not sure how I would carry everything (diapers, wipes, extra clothes, etc. X 2).
    3. What do you do with used diapers? Carry them out I guess? Again, seems like it would be difficult if away from facilities all day.
    4. Do you ever use cloth diapers? Would you bother on a long day trip? Not sure how I would carry them (they take up a lot more space than disposable) all in or out.

    Thoughts?! Thanks!

    1. Hi Carly!

      Thanks for your comment. I have a few tips but can honestly say it is not the easiest in the cold… I just did it yesterday in -5! My number one tip if you have to do it outside is to change them as quick as possible and don’t worry about having the most clean bum lol. Clean it up later when you are inside.

      1. If its below -15 to -20 ish I would make sure a facility is nearby where I can change them or wait till I get to the facility.
      Above -10 I have done the following:
      -Changed in a chariot if I have it along to shelter from the wind.
      – prepare diaper, wipes and cream before undressing your baby
      – bring a waterproof lined blanket if you do not have a chariot along to change them or use your jacket.
      – Find shelter from the wind. Example: Change in the trees or behind a rock if its windy
      – Dress your baby in a full body suit so it is easy to access the bum and zip up quick with you are done.
      – could bring along another small blanket to shelter the legs while changing.
      – Cuddle the baby hard after and warm them up by cuddling

      2. It depends on the age. How old are your kiddos? and It can be alot of stuff. If I am by myself I try to have my days end around 2 pm. Then I can wait to have lunch till I get home or to my car. That way I only pack myself snacks.
      I pack it all in either a day pack if we are not going far or if we are hiking I put it all in our MEC hiking carrier backpack along with my youngest. You could also have the baby carrier on the front and the backpack on the back which I have done before when we have to bring more stuff but is not my preference
      For my two kids aged 18 months and 2 years. For a full day out I would bring:
      – 3 diapers (younger than 12 months I would bring 6-8 diapers).
      – small container of 20 or so wipes (I don’t use wipes for pee)
      – small bum cream container (Sometimes I omit this unless I really need it)
      – Dry bag for dirty diapers (Need this regarless of cloth or not unless there will be a garbage along the way)
      – change of panties and pants for my oldest. No change of clothes for my youngest but if she was younger I would have an extra sleeper and onesie. SHe has not had many blow outs lately
      – snacks. I would make them small and easy snacks.
      – My oldest for a hike would carry her own backpack with a snack and waterbottle. Sometimes a small friend (stuffy). She has done this since she was 2 1/2
      I think that is it? I will have to write a future blog post about this!
      3. Dry bag for dirty diapers (Need this regarless of cloth or not unless there will be a garbage along the way)
      4. We did a cloth diaper company for a while and loved it. We would take them along sometimes but sometimes would do just disposable if it was too difficult for room. Eventually the cloth diaper company became too expensive and the cloth diapers I inherited did not work for our little one 🙁 Now we use disposable for our one daughter and the other is potty trained.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. Baby leggings can be useful for cold weather bum changes too. As then their legs aren’t getting cold.
    Also good for keeping ankles warm when pants ride up in baby carriers

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