Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Babies

Christmas is just around the corner and I am getting so excited for the holidays. During the year my husband and I rarely buy our kids any gifts besides when it is their birthday. I love having the opportunity to get the kids some presents. While I have not decided exactly what we are going to get our two kiddos for Christmas, I have combed through some of our previous gifts that we love and scoured the internet for some of my preferred gift ideas for this year.

Outdoor Clothing:

Wylo and Co.:

Their mountain and bear printed leggings are a fav in our household. A local Calgary company that makes really cute organic clothes for babies and toddlers.  Choose from the newborn packages or simply pick one of their cute leggings with adorable patterns hand picked and sown by the owners of the company. I am so excited to share my love for them with a giveaway in early December!

Wylo and Co Pants

Mec Ursus Bunting Suit:

A warm  fleece suit that is great as a base under a a winter suit like the Patagonia Baby Puff Ball.  Also works great on those cold night s while camping!

etta in blue

Patagonia Baby Puff Ball:

A friend lent us her daughter’s old one and it is absolutely amazing. Our 18 month old can move around freely and there is lots of room for layering.

Pantagonia toddler suit

Tuffo Muddy Buddy:

Perfect for rainy winters on the west coast and easy to layer big jackets underneath. The Muddy buddy is affordable at just under $40.00 and is perfect if you live in a city where your winter months are covered with rain.

Muddy Buddy Rain Suit


Smartwool  Wool Socks:

Stuff those stockings with socks that are meant for adventure! Pricey but worth it for hiking adventures and cold winter days. These socks will keep your little ones dry and warm!

Mec Toasty Mitts:

My 3 year old can put them on and off and they stay on my 18 month old. That’s a win for me!

MEC Toaster Mitts


Outdoor Gear

Cross Country Skis:

Strider Bike:

Balance bikes are great for toddlers to get a hang of biking balance which is supposed to help with the transition to pedal easier than a tricycle. I am a big fan of planning ahead so one year we got our 15 month old a balance bike for Christmas. We wanted her to have it for the summertime!

Strider bike ski attachment:

Does your little one love to bike? Why not let him keep biking in the winter with these attachments from Strider bikes.

Black Diamond Wiz  Headlamp:

Why not surprise your little camper with their very own headlamp?! Read stories in the dark around the campfire with the help a light.

Walkie Talkies:

For a 3-4 year old walkie talkies bring new type of excitement into playing.


The  Paricon Toddler Boggan Sleds   is affordable and they have a strap to help keep your little one tucked in!

Outdoor Adventure Books

Nupste and Lohtse series  by Jocey Asnong:

The books are about two adventurous cats named Nuptse and Lohtse that are brother and sister. With 3 different books this series, each book is situated in a different around the world while they help to fix a problem. With a new book to be released soon where the cats will explore Ucluelet, the cats have already ventured to Nepal, Iceland and the Canadian Rockies.

Nuptse and Lohtse GO to the Rockies


Goodnight Mountains    by Adam Gamble and Mark Jasper:

This book is part of the popular ‘Good night Series’ but is mountain themed. The only problem with this book is that will have you wishing that you were ending your night sleeping in a mountain home.


Little Prince  by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

One of our 3 year old’s first chapter books. A story that both young and old can enjoy is has a strong message about human relationships and growing up. With pictures throughout this is a great first chapter book and one that our toddler enjoyed. This is a classic that is worth being on every bookshelf.

The Little Prince

The Gruffalo  by Julia Donaldson:

This is an adorable story about a witty mouse avoiding being eaten by the other animals in the forest. While that may sound a little gruesome it truly will captivate your little readers with the beautiful pictures and the clever rhymes. There is a second book in the series that is just as well written called “The Gruffalo’s Child”.

The Gruffalo

Outdoor Toys

I love gifts that last longer than a couple of months or even years and that is how I picked out these great gifts. These gifts are great for the outdoors child!

Camp Fire Set:

This adorable campfire set from Baby Nell Designs out of Camrose, Alberta will have your kiddos playing ‘camping’ throughout the whole year. This set is completely adorable and made locally!

VW  Volkswagen T1  Campervan Play Tent:

Do you love VW Vans as much as we do? This super rad tent pops up in seconds and is really compact! Great for play at home, the beach or while camping. Alberta.

VW Campervan Tent

Calico Critters   Let’s Go Camping and   Caravan Family Camper  :

We fell in love with these little critters and bought our 3 year old daughter the hedgehog family for her birthday. It might be time to add to our collection!

Maplelea Dolls:

A distinctly Canadian Doll line. My personal favs are Charlsea from the West Coast and Taryn from the Canadian Rockies! You can also choose to create your own story with one of the Maplelea Friends collection.

Check out more great gift ideas from these awesome Outdoor Bloggers!

Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Babies
By Annika Mang
By Annika Mang
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