It is already difficult to get outside in the winter with a baby with all the added clothes. Changing a babies’ diaper in the winter when it is cold outside can seem impossible. Add in a blow out and as a parent you feel like you should throw in the towel and stay inside all winter. While changing a babies’ diaper in the winter is no easy task here are 9 tips to help you survive the experience.

Changing a Baby Winter

Please note: If it is below -15 degrees Celsius I would try to make sure a facility or shelter was nearby where I could change my babies’ diaper. In the colder weather, even if my baby was crying, I would try to wait until I was at the facility or shelter to change the diaper.

Changing a babies’ diaper in the winter

Change them quickly

Change the baby as quick as possible. Do not worry if you have not given them your best clean as this can be done later on in the day.

Change in the stroller or chariot

If I have a stroller or chariot along  then change the baby in the shelter of the stroller.

Prepare diaper, wipes and diaper cream ahead of time.

Being prepared before taking off your babies’ clothes minimizes the amount of skin exposure while changing the babies’ diaper. Make sure you have everything you need set out and ready to go before taking off your babies clothes.

Bring a waterproof lined blanket

Bring a waterproof lined blanket to change your baby on. That way the baby will not get wet or too cold from lying on the snow or cold ground.

Find shelter from the wind

Find shelter from the wind by changing in the trees or behind a rock.

Full body suit

Dress your baby in a full body suit so it is easy to access the bum and is quick to zip up when you are done.

Winter Baby

Bring a small blanket

Bring an extra small blanket to drape over the legs if you are unable to change the diaper quickly.

Don’t worry about the crying

Do not try to take time to comfort your baby while their bum is exposed. Change quickly them quickly, put their snow suit back on and then follow with the following tip.

Cuddle your baby when they are done.

Give them cuddles, warm them up and start playing again!


By Annika Mang
By Annika Mang
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