Winter is a great time to start making those delicious stews for dinner and drinking warm tea while cozying up on the couch with a warm blanket.

Winter also brings a whole list of activities that could not be done in the summer. Snow has arrived here and our family has already indulged in a few of these snowy activities. Winter is long so make sure to get outside and explore with the kids.

Getting outside first always makes hot chocolate taste better afterwards.

Get excited for winter and try these 10 winter activities for kids.

10 Winter Activities for Kids

10 Winter Activities for Kids


Sledding is exhilarating at any age and fun for the whole family!

Get the snow pants on and enjoy riding down the snow.

Creative Snow Building

Snow chairs, snow couch, snow horse! Be creative and build something out of the snow.

I remember building a horse out of snow as a little girl and spent hours outside taking care of my little snowhorse!

Snow Picnic

Who said picnics are just for the summer?! Dress warm, pack food and of course hot chocolate. Then head outside with a waterproof blanket to enjoy the outdoors with a fun winter picnic.

snow picnic


Rent or buy snowshoes and head to a local trail. Walking through a winter wonderland will lift your holiday spirits.

Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding

Hills are beginning to open and some even have parts of the hill that are free to use for kids under 7!

Build a Fort

Get outside and make a snowfort. Your kids will enjoy building it with you and playing in it afterwards for days.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a great family activity. All you need is the gear and a lot of trails are either free or inexpensive to use.  Gear can easily be bought at outdoors shops and then traded in for new gear once the kids get bigger!

Cross Country Skiing with kids

Build a Snowman

Even with a little bit of snow it is always fun to build a snowman.

If you can’t have two eyes made out of coal be creative and use whatever supplies you can find!

Snowball Fight

A lot of schools do not allow snowball fights anymore but there is something fun about running around and throwing snow.

Get outside for a fun snowball fight and warm up afterwards inside with some hot chocolate!

10 winter activities for kids
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  1. Seeing your little one in the ccs is so inspiring. We can’t do it this year, with the stupid broken leg, but I am putting it on my bucket list for us next year. And I love the idea of a snow picnic!

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