I have been waiting for the day I would get to see my girls’ snowboard. Recently we took our oldest daughter who is 3  on her first snowboarding adventure.  You can read about that adventure  here. Our oldest was lucky to be gifted a toddler snowboard for her 3rd birthday this summer. Since then she has been begging to go snowboarding and it was truly amazing how well she did. Are you wanting to get your little one into snowboarding? Well the first thing that you need to get is a board! Here are 5 tips to buying  a toddler snowboard.

5 tips to buying  a toddler snowboard

Retractable Cord:

A retractable cord  like the Burton Riglet Reel can be added to  the nose of your toddler’s snow board. The cord allows  you to pull your toddler while they are  attached to the snowboard. Pulling your toddler is a  great way to introduce snowboarding  and  the cord also helps move your toddler around without having to carry them or take them out of their bindings .

Snowboard Height:

Toddlers will typically need a board that is 80-90 cm in height. If they are under 90 cm tall then go for an 80 cm board and if they are over 90cm tall then try a 85-90 cm board.

Bindings with Straps:

Buy a snowboard that has bindings that will secure your toddlers regular winter boots. Do not choose a board with bindings that do not secure the boot.

Board with an edge:

If you are planning on taking your toddler out to learn how to snowboard then make sure to buy a snowboard made by a snowboarding company.

Note: If you choose to buy a cheaper snowboard without an edge then be prepared to only use it in the backyard or at a sledding hill. It will be challenging for your toddler to learn how to properly carve using one of these snowboards but they are great if they are only going to go 1-2 times and you want some cute pictures. Essentially these boards are sleds that you stand up on.

Buy Used/On Sale/Buy Back Program:

Buy Used

Buy your toddler a used snowboard on a buy and sell site. Look for  outdoor groups in your city that sell outdoor equipment.

On Sale

If you know that you will be wanting one  when your toddler is a baby then another option is to try buying one at a gear shop or at a ski hill’s  end of season sale.

Buy Back Program

If you are going to buy the snowboard brand new than try to find a outdoor store that has a buy back program. What that means is that you pay full price for your first snowboard for your child. Then when they grow and you need a new board you return the old board and buy a new one 50% off. Many outdoor stores  have these programs so buy from one that you know you can return too!


By Annika Mang
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4 thoughts on “5 tips to buying a toddler snowboard”

  1. Great idea to avoid the resort and just go snowboarding at the local hill!

    If you are going to try the ski hill, be sure to consider a “ripper gripper” or another such harness. Ripper Gripper is my choice as its designed and made in Golden, BC. I do not work for them, however we have had super success with ours: http://www.lilrippergripper.com

    Way to go on that board!!!!

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