Going winter hiking with toddlers can feel impossible.

The deep snow can be hard to walk on and the cold weather can make it seem scary to take your little ones out too far.

Don’t let that stop you!

The winter weather brings on a gorgeous winter wonderland and the fresh air will help kick cabin fever. There are so many things to do in winter!

Get out in the winter with these 7 Tips for Hiking in the Winter with a Toddler.


7 Tips for Hiking in the Winter with a Toddler

Bring a treat

Kids love treats and the perfect winter treat has to be Hot Chocolate. Make sure you have a thermos that keeps it hot and enjoy warming up!!


A packable blanket to sit on when eating snacks, lunch and drinking hot chocolate is essential. It keeps little bums warm while they are sitting and enjoying their food.

Be flexible

Start with a short 1-2 km winter hike AND be prepared to not finish the hike especially if you are letting them do the walking. Sometimes all the little ones want to do is jump and play in the snow.

Dress appropriately

Dress in warm clothing that is waterproof. Make sure that they are not dressed too warm for the weather. Check out blog post “Gearing  up a toddler for a cold winter”.

Bring a sled

Bring a sled or a stroller on skis along for the hike. Bringing a sled is ideal if the hike is not too steep so that it is not that hard to pull a sled with your little ones on it. The only downside is that they may want to sit in the sled the whole time!!


Staying outdoors for long periods with little kids is ideal up to about -10 Celsius/14 Fahrenheit.

Honestly our oldest that is 3 could play out for longer periods if dressed appropriately.

Our 1 year old could only last about 30 minutes on the colder days unless bundled up in a stroller.

Check “How Cold is too Cold” for more weather recommendations for kids.

Now kick the cabin fever, get outside and enjoy winter!

Looking for things to do in winter besides hiking? Check out these 12 Things To Do in Banff in Winter and these Fun 10 Winter Activities!

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