If you have been following along you will know that I have had my ups and downs with cloth diapers. I used a service for the first year with both of my kids when we were living in an apartment. When it became  too expensive for our student paycheck we tried some friend’s cloth diapers. We threw in the towel after finding out that our friend’s diapers leaked way too often and in my exhausted state I gave up! 7 months ago I returned to the world of cloth diapering.  I have learnt that cloth diapers have come a long way and there are certain features that I love. Borrowed Planet Diapers     has those features for an affordable price and are made in Canada.

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*Please note that I was given  a diaper and insert combo to facilitate this review but all views are my own.


The Mom Behind Borrowed Planet Cloth Diapers


Borrowed Planet is a Canadian Cloth Diaper company that is  run by Val. Val  runs the business out of her home in  Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. She wanted to  create  cloth diapers that did not leak at a  reasonable price. All of the products use high end fabrics and materials such as, bamboo, and hemp/cotton and  are made ethically overseas.

Borrowed Planet Diaper’s Features


The System

Borrowed Planet diaper’s are a  one size fits 8-35 lbs, and an easy to use all-in-two (AI2) system.  They have a pocket on each side of the diaper and a a single snap to help secure the inserts on one side of the diaper. The diaper also has my favourite cloth diapering feature which is the double leg gussets. The cover contains  two full layers of PUL which is a waterproof fabric that also  helps contain the mess.


Affordable  and Adorable

The diaper packs a lot of bang for your buck. Borrowed Planet Diapers provide some high quality features like the double leg gussets and uses high quality materials for less expensive than competitive brands. There are so many prints to choose from that are so adorable.

Double Gussets

Double gussets are essentially a two elastic system that goes around the baby’s legs to help secure the mess inside the diaper. I seriously feel like every diaper should have double gussets.  I have used cloth diapers without them and they just don’t hold in the mess like the diapers that have them. The double gussets on the Borrowed Planet Diapers work great for keeping even the worst messes in.


The diapers are a one-size fits all model and meant for babies aged 8-35 lbs. They fold down with a snap for smaller babies. I have not tried these diapers on a tiny baby. What I did love was that my average sized 2 year has lots of room to grow in these diapers while still keeping a snug fit around her legs and waist with the easy adjustable snaps. I like this because some one size fits all get really snug at this age and almost force you to up size. While I am hoping to potty train in the next while I do not want to have to buy another set of diapers right before I potty train.

Ease of Pocket stuffing

The insert lays directly along the baby’s skin but has the option of tucking underneath the pockets on both sides of the diapers.  To secure the diaper in place you have the option of also snapping one side of the insert.  I thought I would prefer to lay these on top but I actually liked how they fit better when I tucked them into the pockets.  Using the pockets does not take much more time like some other pocket diapers.  That being said I feel like the pocket is  not completely necessary and an extra snap at the other side of the diaper would secure the diaper in place instead of the pocket.

Sustainable Inserts

I love that the inserts are made of more sustainable materials like bamboo and hemp.  I have never had a leak out of the diaper. That being said, the bamboo insert did not seem to hold as much pee as some pure microfiber inserts that I own. I really test my inserts occasionally while hiking and found that it was best if I changed the bamboo insert every 2-2 1/2 hours. While the diaper did not leak I did notice a small collection  of   pee on the cover.

I did find the booster helpful  if we were out hiking and I did not want to change my daughter as often. The booster  did not add extra bulk to the diaper.   Also, I found the hemp insert more absorbent than the bamboo.  The hemp insert does shrink and this is stated on the website however, it does not affect its performance.



Canadian Company and  Ethically Made

I  love that Borrowed Planet Diapers is a Canadian company.   While she does not make them in Canada she does source the diapers ethically overseas and is working hard to use   sustainable materials like bamboo and hemp within the diapers. The quote that pops up often on the Borrowed Planet website is “We don’t inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”.

Overall Opinion

These diapers are a great value for a family wanting to try out cloth diapering. I also love that a Canadian mama created the brand. The price does not break the bank and the features like the double gussets truly keep the mess in. My daughter tested the strength of the  diapers the first time I put the super cute animal print on her bum. When I went to change her diaper I did not expect a complete bomb to have exploded. But there it was completely contained in the cover (thankfully) and ready for me to clean.

What you should know

  • The diapers were great at containing the mess  but I had a bit of a challenge cleaning the cover when  my daughter had one of her biggest poos of all time. I found that I was struggling with getting the yucky water out of the pockets.  Please note that I only had this issue the one time my daughter had her largest poo ever.
  • I have not tried a complete Borrowed Planet System for nighttime. I have used the Borrowed Planet covers and occasionally one of the  inserts with some of my other nighttime inserts  that I own.  When I used either the cover or inserts in combination with my nighttime inserts I have never  had a leak after a 12 hour period.
  • I have not tried these diapers on a small  baby.

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