When it comes to children’s outdoor clothing and gear I honestly feel like I have two of the best gear testers. They really take  a product and run it through  every possible scenario.   Our outdoor gear for our kids will not last long unless it can handle the wear and tear of the rugged outdoors. The Ducksday rain suit,  created in Belgium, is built to last, 100% waterproof and  well designed.

*I was given product to facilitate my review but all views are 100% mine.

About Ducksday Rain suits

Ducksday rain suits are made in Belgium but were not available in North America  until one family decided to create Ollie and Stella Children’s Outfitters to sell the suits. What was their reason for wanting to sell them? Their kids had been sporting the Ducksday rain suits  and they  loved the durable, functional and stylish product. They wanted to make the ISPO AWARD   2013 award winning suit available to other North Americans.


Review of the Ducksday Rainsuit

Since receiving the Ducksday rainsuits  my two daughters, aged 2 and 3, have tested the rain suits  in a variety of conditions. They have used the suits in moderate  rainy conditions and while hiking over 2 km in wet weather on their own two feet. They also have taken the test one step further and have walked through a creek wearing the suits where they also chose to sit and then lie in the water.


Well Designed

There was a lot of thought put into the technical design of the Ducksday rain suit and I think that is what sets it apart from competitors.  Besides being waterproof it also has:

  •  waterproof  zippered pockets which means a place for your explorers to stash their findings
  • a  foldable into a small pocket   located inside the pant leg which makes it  easy to store
  •  seams that are taped which means no water can pass through
  • elastic foot stirrups  so the pants stay down
  • velcro on the sleeve cuffs and hood to adjust for children that are always growing
  • fluorescent strips to help keep your little one visible



The rain suits  have  seams that are taped up and waterproof zippers which help make   the rain suit is  100% waterproof. My daughters  stayed  dry   in rainy conditions and even when they sat in the creek. The only time they got wet was when they laid in the  water. That is when the water went up inside the suit under their chin and then eventually got inside their boot slightly up their pant leg.  I had to laugh because I think that they thought their was no possible way they  were going to get wet based on how the suits performed and so they  went all in. Like  I said I have the best gear testers.


The suit can be folded into a pocket hidden inside the pant leg. I absolutely love this feature as I don’t have to find a bag to stuff it in since the ‘bag’ is literally attached to the suit! I was surprised with how small the suits compacted as well. They will definitely be  tagging along with us in our backpack ready to use while hiking in the unpredictable Rocky Mountain Weather.


The Ducksday rain suit is versatile and can be worn in all seasons to protect against the elements. Add  a fleece suit underneath for the colder spring and fall months. In the winter use a down puff bunting suit underneath the suit to keep your little ones warm. The Ducksday suit will be the sturdy shell that helps protect against the rain, wind  and snow.

Breathable and Movable

The Ducksday rain suit is a great suit to bring when hiking with toddlers on those wet and rainy days exploring.  Our daughters hiked in slightly rainy  wet weather for over  2 km without overheating.  The suit is also perfect for those cold, wet and windy days when they are sitting in the carrier.


What you should know

  • The cost of the suits is $74.00 USD. The difference that I have found from other brands that sell for around $50.00 USD is that the Ducksday is made of more durable and breathable material. The PU (DWR) coated polyester material also makes the rain suit more versatile allowing it to be a good shell for colder weather.  I also have not found the added features that the Ducksday suit has to all be included in less expensive rain suits.
  • Honestly, I really like the suits and am having trouble thinking of anything else to add.  They are high quality suits and worth the investment.

Happy Exploring in ALL Weather with the Ducksday Rain Suit!!!



By Annika Mang





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