Our family loves to go on adventures.  Recently, we have been having so much fun playing in the fall leaves and hiking on the autumn coloured trails. The other day we discovered a new to us trail  that took us to a  waterfall in Canmore. It was perfect for little feet. The trail involved beautiful mountain views, some stairs, coal mine remnants and a stunning medium sized waterfall. Since it was such a nice fall day we  felt lucky to be wearing our    Lucky and Me clothing  on the trails without having to wear a jacket!

Lucky and Me clothing creates pieces that  can  be worn with different outfits, are comfortable and can last longer than just one  season. The stylish yet practical clothing is perfect for school, playing in the park or adventuring in the woods.  They are well designed to allow children to move and play comfortably. They also have crafted the most comfortable underwear that your children will  love. In fact that is their specialty.

Please note that this is a sponsored post but that all views are 100% my own.

Be Adventure Ready at School with Lucky and Me Clothing


Jump and Play in Comfortable Undies

I never thought that I would care what type of underwear my daughters were wearing. Truthfully, I  never  gave much thought into comfort or style. But I was shocked with my daughter’s response after she put on the Annika Boy Short underwear.

As soon as my daughter put on the  underwear she looked  at me with a big smile and said “MOM these undies don’t go up my BumBum.” Maybe that is too much information but I never realized that she had been uncomfortable in her previous underwear. I also started to notice that she was able to jump around and play without needing to “fix” her underwear. Lucky and Me prides themselves on creating extremely comfortable underwear for kids and my 4 year old daughter took notice.   They also pick great names for their products 😉

Note: The Annika Boy Short underwear comes in packages of 5.


Hike  in Lucky and Me  Leggings

Put your hand up if you like to hike in leggings! These days every active girl needs a few basic leggings that are comfortable for everyday wear.   The Jada Leggings come in packages of 3 and the solid colors  can be paired with a variety of different shirts and play dresses. The bottom of the leggings do have a nice detail which makes it even more possible to dress them up for nice occasions.  The sizing is 2/3 and 4/5. They fit  my girls on the bigger side which I liked because then they will fit them for a while.

Tunic Tops that Grow with your Child

The best part about the Hannah Girls Tunic Tops is that they grow with your child.  Both of the girls tunics currently look like play dresses but as they grow they will turn into shirts. I love this since I won’t have to be get rid of the tunic  after a single growth spurt.

It also helps when the clothing is not only practical but looks good too.  As soon as my 2 year old put on the Hannah Girls Tunic Top my heart melted. She looked adorable. Ok, I know I am biased but it just looked so sweet. I initially laughed when she wanted to wear the matching leggings. There is no fighting her style though since she has been picking out her clothes since she was 15 months old. I thought it would look silly but it just made her look even cuter.   The  girls were  also so excited to hike in their dresses and  it paired well with their leggings for the colder fall weather.

Climb in a Skirt with Under Shorts

If your daughters are anything like mine and love to climb and hike in a skirt then the Leah Undershort  will    be a happy addition to their wardrobe. The shorts come in packages of 3 and are comfortable yet tight like leggings.  I did find that the size 4/5 fit my average sized 4 year old perfectly. If you have a bigger 4 year old get the next size up! The shorts also have a nice detail around the bottom. I love having a piece of clothing that will   cover  their underwear while they are adventuring.   Because lets be honest… Princesses do love to wear hiking boots.

Note: They have other styles of shorts without the detail at the bottom hem. The Leah Undershot comes in packs of 2.


Learn more about Adventuring with Lucky and Me Clothing here!


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