Winter can be hard with young kids. I know this because I spent most of last year fighting my 1 year old to keep her mitts on her hands.  So far this winter  I am past the mitt  wars  with my now 2 year old. Yeah!  Now  my two kids aged 2 and 4 want to spend more time outside.  This is great news to my outdoor loving ears BUT it also means that I need to keep them warm against the harsh elements. It is so important to me that I  protect their  skin from frostbite in the -20C  cold weather.  The merino wool base layers for kids from luvmother are the perfect edition to our outdoor adventures.

Merino Wool Base Layers for Kids


Base layers are so incredibly important when it comes to keeping warm during the cold winter months.   A poor base layer can make or break an outdoor adventure.    And remember… A child should not wear a shirt made of cotton as a base layer. A cotton shirt will only get wet if the child sweats which means that they will start feeling cold once the sweat starts to cool them off.

Enjoying the winter weather  is hard if you are too cold or too hot.  Kids run around and they start to sweat. As I mentioned above, sweating can cool you off too much and make you cold! Managing your kids body temperature outdoors can seem impossible. Did you know that there is a natural fabric that actually regulates temperature?  Merino wool helps keep you warm when you are hot and hot when you are cold. It is also soft unlike regular wool making it ideal against the skin of younger children and babies.

Please not that this is a sponsored post but  all views are 100% my own. 



luvmother’s Merino Wool Base Layers



We have been using luvmother clothing since this summer and loved the ultra soft merino wool while trying theirsummer tees and sweatshirt. We  were sent the  Merino Wool Shirt and Legging Bundle and an additional   Non-Stop Merino Legging to review.

Everyday Merino Shirt

The Everyday Merino  Shirt is a  long sleeve 100% superfine merino wool shirt. It is soft against the skin and the sweet pink colour looks adorable  on my 4 year old.  She wears the shirt as everyday wear but I try to save it for the days when we spend hours outside snowboarding, cross country skiing or  making a snowman.   It is the perfect base layer and seems to  keep her warm or cool as needed during our adventures. It is also approved by my 4 year old which I love!

Non-Stop Merino Legging

We received both the Sweet Pink and the  Pacific Blue  Non-Stop Merino Legging. The leggings are the  ideal long john for those everyday outdoor winter adventures.  They are made of 100% superfine merino wool and both of my daughters enjoy the fit and comfort. Even my picky 2 year old who has been picking out her clothes since she was only 14 months old.

Similar to the summer clothing that I have from luvmother they are built to last.  They work well under a thicker pair of pants of on their own.  I did notice, however, that  when my 2 year old wears the Sweet Pink leggings I can see her diaper through the fabric.  The Pacific Blue Leggings do not have that issue.

Buy the  Merino Shirt and Legging Bundle for $98.00 CAD here.

Changes to luvmother

One thing has changed since I did my initial review of luvmother last summer but they still continue to be a sustainable brand that creates high quality clothing.   The clothing is no longer made in Canada but ethically made in portugal. 

They also stand by their products

luvmother sent me the most adorable pants to try on my 4 year old. In fact the design was so perfect that I immediately wish  they made them in adult size.  Unfortunately their was a manufacturing issue with them   that I soon found out after my daughter wore them  one  time. I contacted luvmother and they immediately returned the pants no questions asked.  Shortly after they informed me that the pants were being pulled from their line and they were attempting to contact all the buyers to return their money or offer a different product.   They believe in high quality and THAT is what you will get from luvmother.

 Base Layers   are an essential piece to enjoying outdoor winter play! Read this post for tips on dressing a toddler  for winter here! 



By Annika Mang




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