Jenny Buchhagen was a world class surfer, travelling around the world for competitions. Now she is not only a surfer but her and her husband have entered the ultimate adventure. Parenthood. Surfing has changed since having her son but in ways she could never have imaged.  Read her story “The Ultimate Surf Adventure: Surfing with Kids” and get ready for an epic surf video coming out on Wednesday!

The Ultimate Surf Adventure: Surfing with Kids

Growing up having a dad that surfed and a mom that was always down for adventure, meant lots of days at the beach and lots of days down at the local shaping rooms. I have endless memories of camping for weeks down in deep deep Baja and driving down bouncy dusty roads that seemed like they would never end. When we did come to the end of the road it was perfect empty waves that were enjoyed with my family. All I ever wanted to do was surf, and surf was all I did. These memories were a fundamental platform to how I always wanted to raise my child.


As a young adult I traveled on the ASP (WSL) women’s qualifying tour for surfing for 4 years.


I visited the most beautiful countries in the world and surfed some epic waves. I was so lucky to have the support that I had through all my travels. The experiences on those trips were incredible.


When my husband and I got together it was at the end of my competition days, so all we did was surf together. Our relationship and marriage was (and still is) based around when and how we could find the best waves and surf as much as possible.


When we got pregnant it was like we never skipped a beat. I surfed until I was about 7 months pregnant. At that point I started bodysurfing while my husband continued to surf. I have a vivid memory of pulling into a barrel bodysurfing when all of a sudden I could feel my son kicking up a storm. It was a surreal experience sharing the ocean waves in such an intimate way with another human being that was literally inside of me. I hoped and dreamed he would love the water and surfing as much as we did.


Once we had our son Kingston we just carried on with our regular life with the added diapers and wipes of course.


We started doing beach days just before he was 2 weeks old. In no time we started taking turns surfing and loading up the stroller became our “new normal”.

Our whole family had all been bitten by the surf bug and we were thrilled!


When Kingston was 6 months old we tried taking him surfing for the first time on a bodyboard and he loved it! He had the biggest smile that stretched from ear to ear. From then on our summers were filled with questions like “when’s the best tide for doheny” or “where’s the best place to take Kingston surfing” . Our whole family had all been bitten by the surf bug and we were thrilled!


Now we take advantage of when the water is warm because that is the best time to take Kingston surfing. Seeing his face light up when we ride a good wave or catch killer “high five” from another surfer is so rewarding. Sharing in his excitement on the water is more fulfilling than any wave I could surf at our local beach break.


I feel like I never stopped surfing once we had Kingston and if anything we surf more now. And the best part? I get a new kind of excitement for surfing with my family. It is always an epic surf and one that we share together.




Jenny Buchhagen and her family  love to find waves to ride as a family. The beach is their second home.

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