The holidays are here and Christmas is only a few days away. My two kids are literally buzzing with excitement around the house and waking up everyday asking if Christmas is here. Each day I respond saying  it is the Christmas season today but we have to wait a few more days for ACTUAL Christmas Day. They then run around the house shouting that they are so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa and open presents. Of course. I am most excited to celebrate with experiences as a whole family and to unplug a little.

*This post is sponsored by Energizer and I was received compensation to write the post.  All views are 100% my  own.

Celebrate with Experiences by Lighting UP the Holidays with Energizer


Our goal this holiday as a family is to spend as much quality time together as possible. This year, we have decided to light up the holiday season and our activities with the  Energizer® Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlight or the  Energizer® Vision HD Performance Metal Lights. These  lights from Energizer   are  perfect stocking stuffers  and  secret Santa presents.

Both the flashlight and headlamp are equally impressive. The water resistant flashlight has 400 lumens with a 115 m range using digital focus technology. The focus light is ideal for smaller tasks like car repairs, diy projects outdoors or reading. The full flood light will light up a tent, small room or our VW camper van Dusty really well.  Seriously it kind of blew me away with how much light it could produce. The Energizer® metal lights sell between $15-25 depending on the model.

The 200 lumen headlamp is equally impressive with a drop proof rating of 1 m and is also water resistant. Maximum run time on the low mode is 49 hours which means that the battery will last for those longer adventures. It would be ideal as an emergency light while out hiking or for those late night full moon walks.The  Energizer® headlights sell between $15-25 depending on the model.

Not only are the Energizer Headlamp and Flashlight great as gifts but they have helped our family come together to celebrate the holiday season.


Here are 3 ways we have celebrated with experiences with Energizer:


Tour the local light shows

This year, after a massive snowfall, our family has started the tradition of walking around the streets near our house in the evening. Since it is dark by 5:30 pm we get to explore with our Energizer Vision HD Performance Metal Flashlight and LED headlamp. Our two littles love sitting in the sled with the flashlights while taking in all the  lights that decorate the houses and lawns. The impressive -15 Celsius weather is brisk but we dress for the weather in snow suits.  We love finishing the evening at home with hot chocolate before getting the kids dressed into pajamas. It is the perfect way to spend time together as a family.


Play in the Dark with Energizer

Playing with flash lights in a  tent has been  both of our daughter’s new favourite indoor activity. They love it so much! They spend more than an hour in the semi dark room reading, playing with toys and making up endless adventures. The only issue is that I have to keep reminding them that the headlamp and flashlight are mommys and NOT theirs. Luckily the Energizer flashlight and headlamp have proven that they are indeed durable after a few heavy drops.  The Energizer Vision HD Headlight  is drop-tested up to 1 meter and my 2 year old is about that height.


Reading by Light

Reading stories as a family in the dark with the Energizer flashlights and headlamps is one of coziest ways to bring the family together. The full spotlight on the Energizer® Vision HD performance metal light is perfect for reading. The flood light setting  can be useful to brighten up the  room for the littles that want to keep on playing. To add to the Christmas Spirit while reading stories  we keep  our tree lights on and enjoy some holiday music as well.


Enjoy the holidays and Celebrate with Experiences by Lighting UP the Holidays!  Learn more about Energizer and their line of flashlights and lighting here.


Have a lot of snow? Try making some traditional Cabane à Sucre with the family! It is a popular Canadian tradition.


How are you going to spend time with your family this holiday season?


By Annika Mang



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