Alright. This question has been coming up a lot.

And I mean a lot.

“What is your favourite snowboarding gear for toddlers/preschoolers?”

Gear is not cheap but can be worth the investment if it is high quality, can be passed down to siblings or resold.

And so… here is The Best Snowboarding Gear for Toddlers/Preschoolers.

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Best Snowboarding Gear for Toddlers/Preschoolers


baby snowboard

The After School Special by Burton is the perfect starter snowboard for toddlers and preschoolers. The snowboard comes with bindings and the right amount of flex and curve for little boarders. If want to upgrade the bindings to the toddler StepOn bindings and compatible boots then check them out here.

Buy the After School Special Snowboard here. 

Burton After School Special out of stock? Pick up the Mini Grom RockerThen add in some Small Mini Grom Bindings or Medium Sized Grom Bindings depending on your child’s shoe size.


The After School Special comes with bindings!

The bindings are built to hold those little feet in and are easily adjustable to hold in little feet.

They are also made  so that regular sturdy winter boots can be worn with them for the really young shredders (under 3 years old).

If you already have a board check out the  Small Mini Grom Bindings or Medium Sized Grom Bindings depending on your child’s shoe size. There are also now Grom Step On Bindings available here!

Riglet Reel

Riglet Reel

While attaching a string to the After School Special Snowboard is possible the Riglet Reel is even better. 

 The Riglet Reel attaches to the front of the snowboard so that you can pull your toddler around.

This is a great way to develop initial snowboarding balance and help the get around the hill when pushing themselves seems too challenging.

Buy the Riglet Reel  here.


The Mini Grom boots by Burton must have been designed by a parent because they thought of everything.

They are one of the only snowboarding boots that comes in sizes small enough for toddlers and preschoolers.

Each boot also becomes a size bigger by removing a piece within the boot making them last another season for growing kids.

They also happen to be one of the cheapest options on the market.

Buy the BURTON Kids’ Mini-Grom Snowboard Boots here. 


Adjustable and small enough to fit little heads is the snowboarding helmet by K2

. But… what I love most is that it also doubles as a bike helmet when you change out the padding.

The extra small size fits both our 2 and 4 year old with the adjustable settings.

Buy the K2 Entity Ski Helmet here.


The Anon goggles are built for small riders.

They are small enough for our 2 year old which means that she can last longer on those colder days.

Buy the   Burton Youth Anon Tracker Goggles here. 


Mitts are often a dilemma for parents of small children. Children like to pull them off or they fall off. Some mitts are not warm enough for extreme cold weather.

Different mitts work for different families.

So, I wrote this popular post about five different types of mittens for families to check out if you are looking for a new pair!

The local Canadian Stonz Mitts have been proven to stay on and keep hands warm in -25C  weather. Another popular choice are the local BC mittens from Jan and Jul.


A full-length snowsuit for those mini shredders.

The Burton  Mini Shred One Piece keeps the snow out and the littles nice and warm.

The best part is the stitching at the bottom can be cut so that the snowsuit becomes bigger making it last another season or two!

Buy the Burton One Piece suit here.

Base Layers

A good base layer can make and second layer can make winter and snowboarding so much more fun.

These comfy polyester base layers wick away sweat, are soft, and keep littles warm.

For colder days, these fleece layers are perfect but they can make kids very warm so they should be reserved for the -10 to -20 days.

They can be used on their own or over top of the polyester base layers.

Snowboarding Harness

Snowboarding harnesses are very helpful to have when teaching a kid to snowboard that is age four and under.

There are two snowboarding harnesses that beat out the competition, the MDXONE snowboard harness and then Lil’ Ripper Gripper.

Both harnesses work for snowboarders and skiers.

Find the Lil’ Ripper Gripper here.

Find the MDXONE Harness here. If it is out of stock then find the harness here.

I have been writing about snowboarding with kids for a few years now! Check out our other snowboarding resources.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Snowboarding Gear for Toddlers/Preschoolers”

  1. Curious to know how you feel about the MEC toaster one piece snowsuit. We are debating between that and the Burton…

    1. Ive never tried it but know lots of moms that do like it. I am always a fan of MEC products in general. That being said we have not had any issues with our daughter being cold in the Burton and I like that she is mobile in it!

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