The Born to be Adventurous platform was founded on the belief that  “Adventuring does not end when you have children, it is only the beginning.” Whether adventuring without the kiddos or with them, the Born to be Adventurous platform and Born to be Adventurous Mamas groups supports mothers to get out and adventure.

Born to be Adventurous Mamas

The Born to be Adventurous (BTBA) Mamas’ groups were created under the Born to be Adventurous platform to connect mamas  in Canada an adventure community. Women are able to connect in an inclusive environment to engage in new and old adventures. The online Facebook groups serve as a platform for meet-ups, events and conversations related to motherhood.  The conversations in the group range from adventure activities to post-partum health related topics.

Born to be Adventurous Mamas’ Groups

Currently there are two Born to be Adventurous Mamas’ Groups. One in Alberta that was formed in December 2017 by myself (Annika Mang, the creator of Born to be Adventurous). In January 2018 another group was formed in Saskatchewan with Holly Burgess as the Saskatchewan Rep. Since the groups were started, there have been over 50 grassroots meets ups across Alberta and Saskatchewan.  There have also been 6 formal BTBA Mamas Events.


Who is the Founder of Born to be Adventurous and the Born to be Adventurous Mamas’ Groups?

Hey !  So it feels a little funny doing a Q & A with myself but I really wanted YOU to get to know  the story behind Born to be Adventurous.  My name is Annika and  I am the mother of 2 children  that are now age 2 and 4. Since they were born we took them outside and on lots of adventures.  These included various camping trips including backcountry trips, living in Copenhagen for 3 months, backpacking around Europe and travelling around in our VW Van.

I started by writing about our experiences for friends and family on another blog called  the Ace Family Adventures.    Soon after, people I knew and people I did not know were asking questions about how to adventure with kids.  I also found that families were thanking me for my website as it encouraged them to take their kids on adventures. It became clear that I should create a platform that would support and encourage families to adventure.   I created Born to be Adventurous in April 2016.


WHY Born to be Adventurous?
In my travels I absolutely loved how accepting Copenhagen was of children in all aspects of life whether it was outdoors, on the train or on a patio at a pub. It totally went against North American views that if you have a crying baby they better not invade my peace and quiet. Especially while camping.
 However, the whole idea around the platform expands beyond just accepting children into the outdoors.  Everyone is Born to be Adventurous. It does not matter your age, ability, disability, gender, sex, marital status, motherhood status etc. Everyone is welcome and everyone should have access adventure.
My hope is to create more programs to encourage various people to go out into the outdoors. Although very grassroots the Born to be Adventurous Mamas’ groups were created and  other programs have started like taking the occasional person cross country sit skiing.
WHY Born to be Adventurous MAMAS?
First of all… The term Mamas was chosen because I wanted a name to distinguish us as mothers instead of women without children since it is  a group for moms. The word Mama brings thoughts of the great Mama like a Mama Bear. Mama is someone who is a leader, fierce and is the protector of their children. But a mama is not only someone who is strong but also someone who is a provider, loving and caring.
It was important for me to target mamas because as a woman myself and a mother of 2 little girls I know the challenges that moms face when trying to get out and adventure. There are a number of reasons that can make it overwhelming including having to find a babysitter or worrying whether you are strong enough for an activity that you did pre-pregnancy. Other mothers may have never been exposed to adventure activities pre-kids and feel like there is no way for them to learn how to do an adventure activity anymore because of time and ability.  This group is made for all moms no matter the ability and background.
Mamas Understand
A group of moms gets it and knows that emergencys come up. Sometimes as a mom you might set everything exactly right to get out of the house only to have your child puke all over the house. We will understand if you have to cancel BUT we will also try to push you to try to take time for yourself. Not because we want to be pushy but because we know how much we have benefited from the time away from our kiddos to focus on ourselves.
This group is for mamas that breastfeed, formula feed, eat organic, eat nachos (seriously love those nachos), use cloth diapers, use disposable diapers, vacinate, don’t vacinate  etc etc etc etc.   We are united in this group because we love our children and because we want more adventure in our lives.   We want to show our children that it is important to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of them. On that note…

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By Annika Mang

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