Celebrating all you Mamas this Mother’s Day for the rest of the month on the Born to be Adventurous Mama’s Instagram.  These women all have one thing in common and that is that they have a  love for adventure and sharing that with their littles.   Be inspired by each of these women. I know I was after checking out their photos and reading each of their quotes!

Photo credit – his dad @badty @canadianwilds

Robyn Robledo

” Adventure defines our days. It gives us purpose, a reason to wake up excited, a way to challenge our bodies & minds.  It motivates us to train hard to accomplish new goals and provides an outlet for my younger kids’ endless stream of energy.  But most importantly, it provides an opportunity for learning, growth, and self awareness through trial and error…sometimes a lot of error!  But the successes make us stronger, braver, and happier.”

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Rebecca Hamende

“This is Franklin. He has loved to be outside since day one no matter the weather. He often sobs when we bring him in after 10-12 hours outside. It is really nice to be able to share our love of the outdoors with him. ”

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Photo credit – his dad @badty @canadianwilds


Dineo Dowd

“I love getting outdoors with my daughter who is three years old, she is my  inspiration in life and has pushed me to get outdoors and explore everyday. hiking and biking with my daughter has made me strong and confident,I bring her along everywhere I choose to adventure, on weekends I like to invite few women on a hikes, this has helped me to make friends and spend time talking and sharing about life experiences ,its very import to me to find my tribe, keeps me going and I learn new things everyday.”

Website:   www.wiadventurefamily.com

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Tanya Koob

“My 9 year old son has become my favourite adventure buddy. He holds my hand when I’m tired, encourages me when I’m almost at the summit, and coaches me when I’m scared on hills while mountain biking.”

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Website: Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies   ♦    Instagram       ♦ TwitterFacebook 


Tracy Sullivan

“Go after what makes your heart sing little boy! Great things aren’t inside your comfort zone. And they aren’t usually easy to get. And sometimes they don’t make sense to other people.Climb up the mountain to earn the view and the turns on the fresh pow on the way down. Trust me, it’s worth it.”

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By Annika Mang



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