It has been over a year since I saw the Instagram account for free leggings made from 100% recycled plastic and ethically made. It seemed too good to be true and like some sort of crazy scam. I mean who gives away free leggings AND has sound sustainable practices! Then, at a friend’s house for a play date, coffee and some good conversation, I found out that she had signed up for a free pair of the leggings from Girlfriend Collective. Since I needed a new pair I decided to learn a bit more about the company.

Girlfriend Collective Leggings

This review was NOT sponsored by Girlfriend Collective. They just seemed to fit so well under our Green Up section and I wanted to give you another alternative for leggings.

After researching Girlfriend Collective on blogs and magazine websites during google searches I called up one of my top girlfriends, my sister, to see what she thought.  We both decided to take the plunge and sign up for free leggings. Right up front we learned that there was a $40 shipping fee which we decided would be worth it if we did like the leggings.

We loved that they were made from recycled material and ethically made. We also noticed that their “models” wearing their leggings in pictures were not all the same size. This resonated with us and our own bodies that have changed since having children. Maybe leggings could still be a staple in our wardrobes!

We both followed their sizing chart even though it seemed like we were choosing ones that were quite a bit smaller then we usually would purchase. We then clicked the sign up button and held our breath hoping that the company was truly legit.

A few months later the leggings arrived which was no surprise. We knew the leggings were not going to come to our doorstep for a few months. Their campaign had gone more than viral and they were upfront about the wait time.

At first glance, they looked so small around the waist. I was a little nervous to try to get them on. I took a deep breath hoping they would fit as I pulled them up over my waist. They ended up being true to size and fit so well. The high waist pulled in my stretched belly from two pregnancies and I loved the look of them on. I called my sister up and she happened to have just received hers that day as well. We both raved about how much we loved how they looked.

The Leggings – A year long review

Please don’t judge but I probably have worn the leggings a minimum of 3x a week for the past year. They have been my companion for coffee dates with friends during the day, hiking adventures with my littles and while I learnt to climb at the gym. I have run countless times in them and they have been worn for some hot yoga and spin classes.

The verdict?! The recycled leggings are still a deep black after a full year of wearing them. This is great since products made from alternate fabric like organic materials can wear down easily making them not last as long. While hiking, doing yoga, climbing and trail running the leggings did not slide down which is something I have noticed with other leggings. The leggings were not see through making it safe to pick up the kids and their toys off the ground! And, most importantly, I also I loved the look of them on myself, my sister and my friend.

My only regret is that I wish I would have read the washing instructions since it reads that you should not put them in the dryer. After drying them for a couple of months they started to pill along the seams and after talking to my friend and sister I realized that they had read the washing instructions. Their leggings were in better condition than mine.

A future with Girlfriend Collective

It just might be time to buy some new leggings from Girlfriend Collective after snagging  a hole recently on a wired fence. I want to take them on our 3 month van trip in the fall. Seems like they just might be the best fit for my minimalist wardrobe on the road.  I may just have to throw in a sports bra and one of their new t-shirts made of cupro yarn in a zero-waste, zero-emissions facility in Japan.

By Annika Mang
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