Our family has officially started our 3 month Van trip with Dusty our VW van. He is a 1993 VW Eurovan with lots of character and is a big part of our family. I am writing this in Yahk, BC while the kids sleep in the van that is parked near the river on our friend’s piece of land. Tonight is calm but the last few nights we were hit with a torrential downpour, some intense wind and 0 Celcius weather. The weather was rough but hot chocolate and dance parties with the strobe light feature on our new fully chargeable, 330 Lumen BioLite headlamps warmed us up and kept us laughing. Van Life is not always going to be easy BUT life is really what you decide to make it.

Headlamps are such a great invention because    #1 they are very practical for outdoor activities, but #2 they are also so much fun for kids. Our kids spent 2 hours in the van just playing with the headlamps. But these headlamps are not really for my kids and are jam packed with features. I am so excited to share a new BioLite product on Kickstarter where you can pre-purchase a headlamp just in time to give one as a gift for the holidays.

Full Disclosure: This post was sponsored by BioLite but all opinions expressed about the company and the products are my own.

New innovative BioLite headlamp available in time for Christmas


The new BioLite Headlamp is full of features. Currently on the Kickstarter for $49.95 USD, it also comes with a HeadLamp Light Diffusing stuff sack that turns it into a lantern! Compared to specs of other headlamps the price is hard to beat. BioLite is also not just some gimmicky new company. Other products created by BioLite are currently being sold at MEC in Canada and REI in the US. They are also on a mission to bring energy everywhere and solve energy poverty that many people face around the world.

The BioLite Headlamp is rechargeable which means that there is no regular battery waste or the need to spend more money just to use the headlamp. The headlamp’s highest setting is 330 lumens and it is so bright. The 330 lumens can not only light up a trail in the dark but a whole room in a house. There are multiple settings including one that is not quite as bright and a red light that is great for stargazing.

The innovative design has the bulk of the battery on the back of the neck keeping the light from bouncing around because it is close tight to the head. My husband is a trail runner and this design was incredibly appealing to him. It also has held up to multiple crashes onto the pavement from a hilarious 3 year. Please note that in that last sentence there was an eye roll and a sigh.

Learn more about the BioLite Headlamp on Kickstarter here.




By Annika Mang



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