We cannot believe it but we have less then a month left of our Van Life. This 3 month trip has been such a great experience for our family. The time spent together exploring and relaxing has brought us all closer together.

The last month has come with some new challenges. The cold weather has us changing just a little quicker in the morning and searching out the occasional coffee shop to find some warmth indoors. Layering our clothes has been so important for us and especially for the kids. I am so thankful that we brought good layers on this trip and the tough outdoor rain gear from Faire Child for the damp cold weather in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

Keeping our two littles’ warm is essential to keep them happy, but if they overheat then we also have problems. Here is how we dress our kids for success when the weather is cold and damp.

Full Disclosure: We were given compensation in exchange for this post. The views of the company Faire Child are 100% our own.

Layer Up and Keep Warm with Faire Child


Base Layers

The first layer is just as important as the last when it comes to staying warm in the winter. A material that holds in the heat but wicks away the sweat is so important. Choose a long sleeve and leggings made of polyester or wool. We like merino wool because it is soft against the skin and does not irritate sensitive skin. Avoid cotton whenever possible because once cotton is damp from sweat, then the kids will start to get cold and there is no turning back.

Wool Socks

Every year we ask the grandparents for a pair of wool socks for our kids so that they can enjoy the winter months. They can be expensive which is why we ask to have them as gifts for the kids. Wool socks help keep the feet warm in the winter boots. They also help prevent the feet from getting wet by soaking in the moisture and pulling it away from the skin.

Sweater/Warm Puffy

Over top of a base layer is the insulation layer. It is a must-have for those cold winter days. A sweater and a second pair of pants, both made of wool, fleece or a puffy filled with down or synthetic fibres is a great option to stay warm. Try to choose a material that is not too bulky. Our kids like to feel like they can move and play and complain whenever they feel too much like a marshmallow.


I may feel like a broken record but again choose a Toque made of Polyester or merino wool. Make sure the material around the ears and head are soft to prevent irritation. Keeping the head covered is a great way to stay warm but is also a spot where overheating is common.


For colder days when the hands are at risk of getting cold, choose Mitts that are 100% waterproof on the outside but with breathable material on the inside. Again polyester or wool is your friend. We like to find mitts that also are form fitting to make it easier for the little hands to pick up toys and play. We also choose mittens that fit around the jacket sleeve instead of inside it. This is important so that we do not have to take off the whole jacket to get the mitts back on. Mitts with a zipper or large opening (to make it easier to get them on your kids hands) is a huge bonus as well.

Graphic made by Faire Child

Waterproof Anorak/Jacket from Faire Child

The final piece to the puzzle is the outer layers. The 100% waterproof Anorak from Faire Child is breathable making it perfect for everyday outdoor adventures. It is also windproof which protects your kids from all the elements. Our kids can run around and stay dry without the feeling that they are suffocating from the sweat. The new jacket has 10 mm of waterproofing around the wrist which means that you can roll up the sleeves without compromising the waterproofing. The front pocket that turns into a pouch for the jacket is perfect for any rocks or sticks that our children pick up while exploring.

Waterproof Pants from Faire Child

The bib style 100% Waterproof and windproof pants from Faire Child protect children from rain and snowy slush. The high waist has done an excellent job keeping our kids dry when rolling around in puddles. The tight elastic around the boots keeps snow from getting to the feet keeping them nice and dry. The Bib pants are also breathable which helps prevent overheating while playing and adventuring.

Check out Faire Child’s full Collection here. Get outside and have fun, no matter the weather!


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By Annika Mang
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