Did you know that there is safe and comfortable gear for even the tiniest climbers? Full-body harnesses are perfect for getting little kids climbing whether it is at a climbing gym or outdoors. The OUISTITI by Petzl is an upgrade to earlier designs and is packed with the top safety features, comfort and even adds in adult features like gear loops.

Climbing Gear for Kids: The OUISTITI by Petzl (Review)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Petzl and we were given gear to facilitate this review. All views remain 100% our own.


The Ouistiti is a full body harness for children less than 30 kg. The harness would fit most children aged 1 and up. Full body harnesses are essential for toddler climbers as they lack hips and keeps them from slipping out in case they flip upside down. Our 3 year old is currently using the Ouistiti. For a harness for a slightly older child then consider using the Macchu and the Body.

How to put on the Ouistiti?

First, find the bright green loop. That is the front of the harness. The double back strap adjustments are located on the back. Have the child step into the harness making sure that each foot goes through the correct foot hole. First, adjust the double back buckles on the shoulders. Then, adjust the double back buckles on the back of the harness. Tie the rope through the green loop and finish the figure 8. Then go through 3 checks to make sure they are safe and ready to start climbing!

Safety Features We Love:

  • The adjustable, double back straps are located at the back meaning that children cannot access them.
  • The front tie in point where the rope is attached is a single loop. I prefer this to other harnesses we have tried that need to be attached together. One less step means one less mistake that could happen on the ropes. It also means that the child can keep playing in the harness after climbing without it falling off.

Added Comfort:

There have been no complaints from our 3-year-old. I can see why with the extra attention to comfort, the Ouistiti has:

  • quilted closed-cell foam structure on the leg loops, positioning waist belt and shoulder straps.
  • the front tie-in point is lower making it more comfortable for little climbers especially during the decent.
  • The double back straps do not pull the toddler’s shoulders down like some other models we have tried.

The Verdict:

  • At $76.00 CAD or $59.95 USD, the Ouistiti packs in some added comfort and safety features but keeps the price point comparable to other competitors.
  • The harness is incredibly versatile and is a one size fits all model. While our 5 years old has been trying the sit harness, she also fits The Ouistiti. This means that it will last many years of climbing if you buy if your toddler.
  • The loop located on the back for other sport-specific situations making the harness more versatile for the price.
  • It is approved by our 3 year old!

Purchase the Petzl Ouistiti Harness here.

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By Annika Mang

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