The popular climbing brand Petzl has created high-quality climbing gear since 1975. In recent years, with the number of children starting to climb more regularly, they have thoughtfully invested their time into perfecting kid’s climbing gear. I am thankful for this because it means that our two kids aged four and six are able to safely climb indoors and outdoors. A couple of months ago I reviewed The Ouistiti by Petzl and am excited to share with you The Macchu which is a harness for older kids.

Climbing Gear for Kids The Macchu by Petzl


The Macchu is a harness created for slightly older children that are ready to graduate from a full-body harness to an adult-like harness. It is for children under 40 kg and jam-packed features similar to an adult-sized harness. In fact, if it wasn’t for the smaller size, it would be hard to distinguish it from an adult harness. Our 5 year old currently uses The Macchu. Pair it with The Body for younger children to reduce the risk of injury during inverted falls especially if your child lacks hips.

Full Disclosure: We were given The Macchu and The Body to review but all opinions are our own. I also have included affiliate links to support my family’s Friday night pizza fund ; )

How to put on the Macchu and The Body?

The Macchu – To put on the Macchu simply have your child step into the loops from behind. The bright green front belay loop helps make sure you put it on correctly.

The Body- The Body must be used with the Macchu. It is always the slightly different pieces of equipment for kids that are necessary but a little more confusing. Make sure the back pad is in the back and the image is right side up as your child puts on The Body. Thread the rope through both of the front belay loops on The Body and then through The Macchu belay loop. Finish tying your knot.

Safety Features We Love:

  • The double-back waistbelt and leg loop buckles mean quick and safe adjustments.
  • The option to add The Body means that your growing child can try out an adult style harness without compromising safety.

Added Comfort:

The Macchu has something called ENDFRAME Technology construction which helps with weight distribution. The waist belt and leg loops are padded and there are no compression points. There is also no contact with stitching on the inside of the waist belt.

The Body is padded but I do find it awkward to adjust and put on. Our daughter has never complained and says she finds it comfortable while climbing. Our oldest daughter wore the body until she was around six years old.

The Verdict:

  • The Macchu is a great harness for older children
  • Purchase The Body to accompany The Macchu for slightly older four-year-olds that may grow out of the full-body harness too quickly.
  • Our six-year-old daughter loves the addition of the loop at the back so that she can chalk up mid-climb.
  • Our daughter is comfortable (or so she tells me) and has never complained while using the harness.
  • We find that The Body is awkward to tie up. We used it for safety until our daughter turned six.

To buy kid’s climbing gear:

Purchase The Macchu here.

Purchase The Body here.

Climbing Gear for Kids The Macchu by Petzl

By Annika Mang

Climbing Gear for Kids The Macchu by Petzl

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