Lake Louise Shoreline Trail showcases the stunning and famous turquoise glacier lake, Lake Louise. As you start the family-friendly trail, enjoy soaking up the views of Victoria Glacier across the lake before hiking this accessible trail.

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Lake Louise Shoreline Trail

Insider Tip

The Lake Louise area is extremely busy with tourists coming from all over the world. Parking can be very challenging. Go early in the morning and expect to park at the shuttle area. Shuttle wait times can be over an hour long at certain times of the year.

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 4 km (2.5 mi) out and back
Elevation: 0 m (0 ft)
Highlights: Glacier, Lake, Mountain Views,
Facilities: Restrooms, Parking, Parking, Overflow Parking, Shuttle, Lake Louise Chateau, Gift Shops, Horseback Riding, Boat Rentals
Optional Gear: Carrier, Stroller, Wheelchair
TrailRider Rating: Easy

Getting There

The Lake Louise Shoreline Trail is located at Lake Louise. To get to Lake Louise head down the Trans Canada Highway AB-1 W past Banff. Follow the signs for Lake Louise and turn off the Trans Canada Highway AB-1 W onto Bow Valley Parkway AB-1A W. Pass the four-way stop and continue onto Lake Louise Drive to Lake Louise.

In the summer months, Lake Louise parking can fill up by 8:00 am or earlier. There is an option to turn left into the overflow parking lot one km before the turn off to Lake Louise. Here you can take a free shuttle to the lake that runs every 15 minutes. There may still be a wait time to board the shuttle either on the way to Lake Louise or on the way back.

Lake Louise Shoreline Trail


The trailhead for Lake Louise Trail starts to the left of Lake Louise Chateau when facing the chateau. Keep to the left and stay close to the shoreline. There are often Parks Canada guides there able to answer questions. There are restrooms located near the parking lot.

Trail Experience

Follow the shoreline and take pleasure in the surrounding mountain views, the Victoria Glacier, and Lake Louise. When the sun hits the lake just right, the turquoise water will sparkle as if tiny diamonds are scattered across the top. Stay on the trail until you reach the chalky creek that feeds into Lake Louise. This creek carries the famous rock flour/glacier silt into the water which creates the sparkling turquoise colour that has made Lake Louise famous. Return the way you came.

Nearby Attractions

Rent a boat and paddle Lake Louise to experience the glacier from a different perspective. Explore Chateau Lake Louise and check out the gift shops and delicious ice cream. Check out Lake Agnes Tea House trek for a more challenging hike up to enjoy tea up in the mountains. For a less touristy option consider hiking up to Fairview Lookout.

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Lake Louise Shoreline Trail
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