I actually love this time of year when I share with you all some of our favourite gifts for the family.

This year I am writing three posts. One with Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids, one with Gifts for Outdoorsy Women, and one with gifts for Outdoorsy Dads!

Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

FULL DISCLOSURE: Some products were sent by me to test and this posts contains affiliate links. I make a little bit of money that helps support my family pizza night!

What I like most about this newest gift guide is that I have included a few different categories for you to look through including experiences as gifts!

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Outdoor and Travel Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

Reusable Hand and Feet Warmers: These sustainable and reusable hand and feet warmers by Aurora Heat have become a family and friend favourite. They keep your hands comfortably warm in colder weather (even in -40 celcius). This year, you can use the code ‘BTBA10’ for 10% off that you can use on your entire purchase one time. Purchase the hand warmers here and the foot warmers here.

Aurora Heat Reusable Hand warmers

LunoLife Mattress: Turn your car, van, SUV, or truck into a comfortable home on wheels with a LunoLife Mattress! The mattress is not only comfortable, and compact but you can specifically choose a mattress based on your vehicle configuration so that it fits perfectly without any bumps from wheel wells, seats etc. They even have a mattress that fits over the front seats of a vehicle. Just remember… if you are sleeping in your vehicle, make sure to have a carbon monoxide detector just like any RV or campervan.

Fanny Pack: A fanny pack for hikes and walks is always a great gift for an outdoorsy women. The small size of the Burton Hip Pack is a favourite because it is compact and small. It can carry my phone, dog treats, keys, a other small items. The Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack 1 L by Patagonia is another great option for a smaller fanny pack.

Click and Grow Smart Garden: The Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 and Smart Garden 27 are a perfect gift for an outdoorsy women. Even busy and on the go ladies can enjoy freshly grown produce with these easy to use indoor gardens. Use code “BTBA” for 10% off!

Hanging Board: I received a hanging board for my birthday one year and our family loves it! It is a great way to improve your climbing grip throughout the day.

Hanging Board climbing

Puffy Jacket: A puffy jacket is a must for cold weather adventures OR for the spring and fall. I love my puffy MEC jacket and wear it on its own in the spring and fall. In the summer, I wear it in the night while camping if it is cold. In the winter, I wear it under my winter jacket to stay warm during those freezing cold temperatures. I have a synthetic down because I am allergic to down and it is a little more affordable.

My style is from a few years ago. Check out the synthetic MEC Aura Hoodie or the down filled MEC Tremblant Jacket that is meets the responsible down standard.

Annika Mang

Aeropress Coffee: Up your camping coffee with an Aeropress Coffee maker!

A Satellite Communicator: A satellite communicator is the best way to call for emergency help when adventuring out of service. These devices can be life saving. Our preference is one that has two way communication. This makes it easier to use if a situation is less emergent like maybe your car broke down and you need a family member to call a tow truck for you.

We like the Garmin Inreach and it’s two way communication capabilities. There is now a Garmin Mini Inreach as well. Please note that you do need a subscription, similar to a phone, to use the device. These can be put on hold at anytime if you are not needing it for a few months.

Smartwool Socks: A pair of nice wool socks from smartwool are always a hit. Socks like these are expensive but are worth it. These socks saved my feet when they were soaked on the West Coast Trail the summer of 2021.

Bike Trainer: For the woman who loves to bike! An indoor bike trainer can have them biking all year long.

Unisex Teca Half and Full Zip by Cotopaxi: I love my Teca Half zip wind breaker. The bright colours are so fun and it is made from recycled polyester. The Teca Full Zip is a nice option if you don’t want to pull it over the head.

Tubble Royale, Inflatable Bathtub: This inflatable Tubble Royale tub can be used inside or outside. The inflatable pump makes it easy to set up and the drain lets the water drain easily when you are finished. It can be used with hot or cold water.

Step On Bindings and Step On Boots: These Step On Bindings by Burton are on my Christmas wish list. I just love the idea of stepping into my findings and then chasing after the kids without having to sit down! Feels like it would be life changing. If you purchase the bindings then you will need to use the Burton Step On Boots.

Burton Step on Bindings

Comfy Shoes: I never thought I would like a pair of clogs but I love these! The Journee by Easy Spirit combines comfort and style. They are nice for wearing around the house and are warm enough for trips outside in the fall/spring. The lower part of the shoe is waterproof and the upper part is water resistant.

Journee shoe by Easy Spirit

Packing Kit: We travel a lot. I mean ALOT. We are often away for my work to travel but then also to visit family. I have started to pack all the kids and my clothes into my bag to make it easier. Well, the Lug Cargo Packing kit has made it easier to keep our stuff separate within a single bag while travelling or camping. My only mistake is that I now wish I had two sets!

Travel Purse/hip bag: The Lug Flyer VL Convertible Cross Body Bag crossed my desk this year and I am in love! It comes with two straps and can be a cross body bag, a shorter shoulder bag and also a hip bag! Seriously, it can turn into a fanny pack for travelling to keep your cards safe and make it easy to hold all your stuff. It is also Peta approved vegan leather which makes me love it even more!

Bosu Ball: Bosu balls build balance, and strength. They are portable too which means you can bring the work out outside.

Zipper Fixing Kit: This kit from FIXNZIP will fix the zippers on your most beloved adventure jackets, sleeping bags and trail canvas’. The 3 pack allows for a range of fixes but each size can be purchased individually.

Recycled Bike Tube Earrings: These recycled bike tube earrings are a favourite of mine. They are made by a local mom out of Calgary. Each pair is unique because they are handmade out of bike tubes! Purchase these by reaching out on their Instagram or Facebook or at one of the following stores in Calgary:

Flat Tire Jewelry

Jaylife Waterproof Gear: Designed by Jay out of Calgary, these packs are completely waterproof! They are perfect for any SUP, canoe, kayak or snowy, wet adventure. Purchase them here.

Jaylife Backpacks
waterproof hip pack by Jaylife

LumiCharge and Dimmable Light – This charging station also doubles as a light and can be controlled by Alexa and Google Assistant for home integration.

Experience Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

Annika Mang

Gift a pass to an outdoor spa.

Give the gift of an overnight retreat in a hotel.

A babysitter booked so they can go on an adventure.

Climbing Gym Pass.

Pass to a work out centre (Spin, Fitness Centre, Barre, etc).

Peleton Pass.

A lesson for a sport like cross country skiing, snowboarding, climbing, or skiing.

An outdoor tour like a wine tour, or walking tour.

An experience likes caving, or ice walk.

An avalanche Course.

Book Ideas for Outdoorsy Women

Hiking Log Book: Gift a hiking log book to the outdoorsy woman that loves to hike! This one includes prompts such as date, weather, start/end time, elevation info, distance, conditions, difficulty, trail features and more!

Lights to Guide Me Home: Recently published only a few weeks ago, ‘Lights to Guide Me Home’ follows Meghan J. Ward as she embarks on a an unexpected journey to rediscover herself through adventure apart from her family’s expectations.

Wild: The bestselling book Wild became a movie featuring Reese Weatherspoon for good reason. It is a true story by Cheryl Strayed that follows her journey hiking the Pacific Crest Trail after experiencing trauma in her life.

She Explores – Stories of Life Changing Adventures on the Road and in the Wild : Be inspired by the unforgettable adventures in this book by the popular outdoor podcast She Explores.

A Woman’s Guide to the Wild – Your Complete Outdoor Handbook: A guidebook for women that want to start exploring outdoors but do not know where to start! This book details everything from having your period in the outdoors to ‘how-to” start a fire.

Vanlife Diaries – Finding Freedom on the open road: This is such a beautiful book and will make you want to start planning your vanlife. Also, check out my family on page 28!

2000 miles together: Follow the Crawford family as they hike the Appalachian trail with their family of eight!

There’s no such thing as bad weather : This is THE parenting book for families looking to parent outdoors.

Moms Who Hike – Walking with America’s Most Inspiring Adventurers: This inspiring book my Heather Balogh Rochfort highlights various mom adventures across the USA. Each feature is an inspirational story that lso highlights a hike.

Up: A Mother and Daughter’s Peak Bagging Adventures: Herr’s daughter has boundless energy and she decides to tackle all 48 of the 4000 mountains in New Hampshire.

Balanced and Barefoot: Enjoy strategies and ideas for your kids to enjoy play and the benefits that outdoor play provides children.

More outdoorsy gift ideas in these other posts!

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