Last fall, our family decided to sell our beloved 1993 VW Eurovan Campervan, Dusty. It was sad to say goodbye because we have so many memories packed into that van. We’ve owned that van for seven years! We bought it when our youngest was only a few weeks old and it has taken us across both Canada and the USA.

Well, we couldn’t go long without a van. We love the Van life too much! So, we swapped our VW for a Winnebago Solis 59P so that our adventures were more reliable and to be able to work on the road! Old VW vans are so cool, but they can break down often and are unreliable.

WeBoost Drive Reach RV Review

Disclaimer: Although we were gifted a Weboost Drive Reach RV and there are affiliate links in this post, all opinions are my own. If you choose to purchase something through our link then you are helping support our platform and our family pizza night! Also, can we take a moment to note that once again, Cam’s eyes are closed in a picture…

Our new van opens new opportunities for working on the road but our internet in a lot of places was not good. Other RVers and Van lifers on social media started talking about WeBoost as a good option to increase cell service in areas where there was a minimal connection.

We ended up picking up an off grid cell phone booster, the WeBoost Drive Reach RV, to test on our new van. Below is a guide to the WeBoost including our review, tips for installing, and most importantly ‘does it work’.

Don’t want to read the whole post but just want our opinion on the WeBoost Drive Reach RV? Here it is.

Cam and I are impressed with the WeBoost Drive Reach RV.

If we have a small signal but our internet or cell service is not working, we plug it in and can increase our bars by 1-3 depending on the existing signal. Usually this has been enough to make a phone call, do an internet search, or send an email.

Bottom line, it works for our needs and we are happy to have it. If you want one too then…

Buy the WeBoost Drive Reach RV here.

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What is WeBoost?

How does it work?

Installing the WeBoost Drive Reach RV

Testing the WeBoost Drive Reach RV

Our Final Review

What is WeBoost?

WeBoost increases already existing cellular service to improve connections while at home, work, or travelling.

You know how sometimes you have a small signal but can’t get anything to work on your phone? By plugging in the WeBoost, you will instantly increase your service to enjoy less dropped calls and better internet.    

It is important to note here that WeBoost is NOT a subscription service AND it works if there is even a little bit of a connection. If there is zero connection nearby then WeBoost will not work.

How Does it Work?

WeBoost uses an outdoor antenna to capture the signal. This outdoor antenna is connected to an indoor signal booster. The signal booster then relays the connection to the indoor antenna. The indoor antenna then sends the signal to your devices!

Installing the WeBoost Drive Reach RV

Installing the WeBoost is not that challenging but may take 2-3 hours depending on your abilities. It is important to read the directions carefully and watch a few online videos to help out.

The WeBoost Drive Reach RV has three main parts.

The outside antenna, the indoor signal booster, and an indoor antenna.

Installing the outside antenna

The outside antenna is the hardest part to install. It can either be attached by drilling into the RV or Van. The other option is to install the outside antenna to a ladder. We did not want to drill into our brand-new van and decided to attach the antenna to our ladder.

From there, we pushed the cord between the back door and the van. We ran this to the indoor signal Booster.

Installing the Indoor Signal Booster

Installing the indoor signal booster was easy. We just attached some Velcro to the signal booster and attached it overtop of our bed!

Below is a picture of the signal booster turned on!

Installing the Indoor Antenna

Another easy piece to install. All it requires is plugging in the device to an outlet and making sure all the necessary cords are plugged into the right place!

Important Note: You may not want to have it always plugged in. The device can become really hot!

Testing the WeBoost Reach RV

We often camp at campgrounds where there is poor service. Sometimes the service is non existent. This is how they performed during two different weekends at two different locations.

Test 1:

The first weekend we tried the WeBoost we were altogether as a family. I had one bar on my phone. My internet and cell service was not working at all.

Once I plugged in the WeBoost in the van, I went from one bar to two bars on my phone. Cam’s phone went from 1 bar to 3 bars! We both could check our emails, send messages, and stream music.

Test 2:

The second weekend, Cam drove to Buffalo Pound to run up and down the hills in the Qu’appelle Valley. He left after the kids were sleeping to camp the night in the campground so he could wake up at 4 am to start running since he is training to run the 122 km Death Race in a few weeks.

He wanted to call me to say he arrived safely and to say goodnight to me. We have been married for 12 years but still manage to miss each other.

While he was camping, he sometimes had one bar of service or no bars.

He couldn’t call me.

 When he plugged in the WeBoost Drive Reach RV, he was able to get three bars of service. We managed to talk on the phone without the call dropping! Occasionally the call did cut in and out but overall, we were impressed that we could stay connected in an area where we never have been able to use service.

Our Final Review

The WeBoost works!

If there is a small connection nearby, it amplifies that connection so you can use it to make a call or connect with the internet. The WeBoost has allowed us to travel more since we can work while on the road.

It is affordable.

The WeBoost Drive Reach RV is a one-time fee that helps you stay connected. There are no monthly subscriptions which means that you pay the $729.99 + Tax upfront and then you have stronger connections forever.

Important to Note.

If there is no connection nearby then the WeBoost won’t have any connection to ‘Boost’. WeBoost is not an internet service but rather works with existing connections to make them stronger.

Check out the WeBoost Drive Reach RV on amazon here.

Check out the WeBoost Drive Reach RV on amazon here.

Also, BIG NEWS… We launched an app!

Enjoy hiking with your family? We launched an app called TrailCollectiv to help families get outside, find trails, and connect!

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