If you’re reading this, the odds are that you’re a new or expecting parent who has committed to continue exploring and to introducing your little ones to the joys of travel.

That is fantastic!

If that sounds like you, then you need to know about the SlumberPod, the first product of its kind to turn your little adventurer’s portable crib or toddler mattress into a private, dark nook perfect for sleeping soundly, even in a new environment. 

Slumberpod Review

Picture this:

You’ve spent 7 long hours driving with your 9 month old and arrive at a hotel marking the end of the first leg of your summer road trip. You get up to the hotel room and let your baby explore the space and stretch their legs. Next you start the bath and get ready for the usual bedtime routine.

Everything is going great!

After some bath time fun, you put on your baby’s pajamas or sleep bag, feed them one more time, then turn out all the lights in the hotel room before rocking them to sleep and placing them in their portable crib.

Success! Baby is asleep in the hotel. Oh wait...

You and your spouse are stuck sitting in the dark, unable to relax with a tv show or check on maps and road conditions for the next stretch of your trip. 

This is exactly what happened on our first big family road trip with my son before I knew about the SlumberPod.

If we had known about this game-changing product, my husband and I could have done so much more after our son was asleep without worrying about waking him with lights or our movement. And not only would we have enjoyed our time more, I can almost guarantee that our son would have slept better throughout the whole trip if we would have been able to give him one consistent dark space to sleep. 

Travel Bed for Toddlers and Babies – SLUMBERPOD REVIEW

Our Brief SlumberPod Review for busy parents

If you’re looking for a quick answer to the question “Should I purchase a SlumberPod?” my answer is “Yes!” The SlumberPod is a game changing product for any family that travels.

It is safe, easy to use, and helps families get better sleep no matter where they are exploring.

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Slumberpod review - Travel bed for toddlers and babies

So what is the SlumberPod?

The SlumberPod is a portable privacy pod that fits safely over a portable crib, play yard, or toddler travel mattress. The pod was born from the frustrations that founder Katy felt when traveling with her first baby; the family had to share a room and while Katy’s baby was usually a fantastic sleeper at home, when the baby woke up and saw her parents across the room, she was unable to fall back asleep.

Unfortunately this led to Katy and her husband being sleep deprived and caused them to cut their trip short. The SlumberPod for toddlers and babies is made of a stretchy, breathable, yet heavy duty fabric that blocks 90% of light.

It features ventilation panels at the top and bottom of the pod as well as secure pockets for a fan and baby monitor (yes, even a video monitor!)

The SlumberPod is tall enough to allow your baby or toddler to sit or stand up comfortably in their bed and is designed to fit over almost all major brands and styles of travel beds.

Our family uses the Slumberpod with the Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib; you can find a list of compatible models on their website.

The SlumberPod is easy to assemble and can be done by one parent in just a few minutes.

And when your adventure is over and it’s time to head home, the SlumberPod packs neatly into a travel bag that fits into a carryon suitcase.


Slumberpod for babies

You can purchase the SlumberPod on its own in four fashions, black with gray accents, teal with teal accents, navy with night sky accents, and navy with navy accents.

All four styles provide the same quality light blocking function and are machine washable.

If your child is like mine and prefers to sleep with a fan, I highly recommend you purchase the bundled SlumberPod and fan.

The bundled option is available in all 4 fashions listed above. 

While it’s not necessary for use and does not impact the safety of the Pod, the SlumberPod fan is designed to fit perfectly into either of the two fan pockets which is so much easier than trying to find a fan that fits later on.

You can always choose to buy the SlumberPod fan later, but you will save a bit of money by buying both together. 

The poles of the SlumberPod are durable and have held up to our first several uses, but should you lose a set or they happen to break (which would truly be surprising!) SlumberPod sells replacement sets on their website.

I love this option because it creates less waste than if you had to buy a whole new Pod. 


As with any product for your child, safety is a top concern and I am happy to share that the SlumberPod has been thoroughly tested and has passed all juvenile product safety testing.

The Pod is approved for indoor use with children ages 4 months to 5 years.

For extra peace of mind, the SlumberPod is designed with a monitor pouch that will safely hold a video or audio monitor and keep cords out of baby’s reach. 


Slumberpod safety

Before having the SlumberPod, my son struggled to sleep at his grandparents’ houses because we all share a room.

(Sound familiar, Katy?)

We live within a few hours of both sets of grandparents and visit frequently, so the fact that my son couldn’t sleep well was becoming a regular stressor.

On a previous trip to my parents’ house we purchased a long tension rod and black out curtains to create a nook for him in one corner of the room; this solution worked well at their house but our solution wasn’t portable and only works in that particular room where the walls were just right to allow for a tension rod.

Now that we have the SlumberPod we can visit grandparents’ houses or anywhere else without anxiety about room sharing and without the hassle of setting up a tension rod with heavy curtains! 


size of slumberpod

When assembled, the SlumberPod is compact and has a footprint that’s just slightly bigger than a travel crib.

However, in order to set up the Pod you do need a bit of space to assemble the poles and move them into the pockets of the pod.

This could make setup in tight spaces a little tricky, but certainly not impossible! 

The SlumberPod is definitely an investment but it’s one my family absolutely believes is worthwhile.

I think that any sleepless parent can agree, it is hard to put a price tag on a restful night, especially while traveling!

And because the SlumberPod can be used safely for older toddlers as well, the cost can be spread out over many years and uses. 

The heavy duty fabric is just that, heavy!

When I unpacked my pod for the first time I was surprised by how dense the travel bag felt.

It was definitely compact but if I was packing my Pod in checked luggage, I might be worried about weight limits.

All of that said, I would be more likely to bring the Pod in my carry on so that my son could nap during any layovers or flight delays. 

It’s important to note that the SlumberPod on its own does not create a safe sleep environment and it must be used in combination with a travel crib or toddler mattress.

Safety is their top priority and it is important that you know the SlumberPod is only approved for indoor use or in a climate controlled and well ventilated environment. 


When our son was born, my husband and I set the goal of visiting every National Park in the United States as a family and that means we have a lot of traveling ahead of us!

I am so thankful we found the SlumberPod and look forward to the many, many trips we will be taking with it. 

Use Code “BTBA20” for 5% off!!

Purchase the Slumberpod here.


Liz Christensen

This was a guest post from Liz Christensen!

Liz Christensen is an adventure mom, yogi, and wife in the beautiful Midwest USA. She loves including the whole family on adventures, even their old dog Cheeto. When not on the trail you’re likely to find her on a mommy and me coffee date with her son Charlie.

Find her on Instagram @midwestmamahikes.

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