The Trail Magik toddler carrier is a small but mighty piece of outdoor gear. This revolutionary product made by parents, gives families the ability to turn their hiking or backpacking pack into a toddler carrier without adding tons of bulk or weight.

But… there can be so much outdoor gear to choose from and do you really need it? Well, we are here to help you decide if the Trail Magik should be your next gear purchase.

Trail Magik carrier

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The Trail Magik is a compact piece of gear that makes hiking and backpacking with a toddler easier. If any of the following is you then the Trail Magik would be a worthwhile investment for your family.

  • If you have both a toddler and a baby, and feel strong enough to carry both, then you can have the baby in the hard structures carrier and your toddler can go in and out of the Trail Magik.
  • If your child is starting to outgrow your current hiking carrier, you are tired of taking your child in and out of a more complicated carrier, or that your adventures are requiring you to pack more gear than your structured carrier can carry, then the Trail Magik is worth it!
  • The Trail Magik is the perfect solution for adventurous toddler parents whose kids love to walk independently for much of the trail, but still get tired and want to be carried. The carrier is safe, comfortable for both child and parent, and is easy to use.

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About Trail Magik

The Trail Magik was born out of a parent’s necessity; founder Connor O’Mara was backpacking with his 3 year old when gummy worms were no longer enough to motivate his son to keep hiking.

While Connor’s son walked much of the trail, Connor spent significant time carrying his son wondering about what sort of carriers might exist that could make their outdoor adventures easier.

Much to his surprise, there was nothing that fit his needs on the market. Together with his wife Kate, Connor began to design the product he had been hoping to find.

And the Trail Magik carrier was born! 

Trail Magik is proud to bring you a USA-made product with 100% Cordura® Fabric & 100% Heavy Nylon Webbing. 

Overview of Available Products

Trail Magik

The Trail Magik carrier comes in one size and is available in a variety of colorways such as gold with hot orange straps, purple with silver straps, and teal with magenta straps. You can find all current colorways here

For superfan parents, Trail Magik also sells branded trucker hats! 

When/How to use the Trail Magik Carrier?

Trail Magik carrier for toddler

The Trail Magik is designed to allow backpacking parents to carry their child while also carrying all the gear they need for adventure, but that’s not the only time you’ll use your Trail Magik.

You can also use the Trail Magik if you are hiking with a toddler and a baby! If your baby is in a hard structured carrier, then simply attach the Trail Magik to the front so that your toddler can be in and out of the carrier as well.

It’s the perfect solution for day hikes, airport travel, beach days, and so much more! If you’re packing a hiking bag, roll up the Trail Magik, tuck it in the side water bottle pocket and be ready to be amazed at how often you use it! 

Using the Trail Magik is easy!

Here is a overview on How-to use the Trail Magik Carrier.

  1. Using the provided carabiners, clip the bottom two corners to the lower end of your backpack’s shoulder straps.
How to use the Trail Magik toddler carrier

2. Next, thread the two top straps around your backpack’s load straps and buckle.

How to use the Trail Magik Carrier

3. Loosen these straps generously to make room to load in your toddler. Carefully move your toddler into the carrier through the top middle opening of the Trail Magik.

4. Once your child is safely inside the carrier, tighten the upper straps ensuring that the child is above your hips sitting in a deep seat.

5. Let your child rest, hydrate, and enjoy the ride

Written instructions are also included with your purchase and how-to videos are available on here.


The Trail Magik is CPC compliant and their certificate of compliance is included in the manual. Because the carrier is dependent on a sturdy pack to attach to, it is important that users regularly inspect their pack for wear and tear to assure safe use. 

As with any baby wearing tool, it is important to follow all age and weight guidelines from the manufacturer, the Trail Magik is only approved for use with children over one year old through 43 lbs. It’s also important to follow the ABCs of babywearing making sure that:

  • The child’s Airway if free and clear
  • Their Body Position is correct, with their bum below their knees and legs making an M shape
  • The child is Close enough for the adult to kiss

Do kids like them?

YES! My son loved riding in our Trail Magik carrier from the very first time I tested it in our backyard. He loved being close to mama and was clearly comfortable in the seat. 

Our first adventure with the Trail Magik

When heading to our first hike with the Trail Magik carrier, my son fell asleep in the car. When we arrived at our destination, I put him into the carrier and hit the trail.

I could tell he appreciated being able to wake up slowly while snuggled up next to me; and once he was fully awake, it was so easy to get him out and let him explore with his own two feet.

That is one of my favorite parts of the Trail Magik;  it is super easy to get the child in and out of the carrier.

Anyone who has hiked with a toddler before knows that they can change their mind quickly and often. With the Trail Magik, my son can be in and out as often as he pleases without tons of frustration on my end. 

Things to note/issues

Trail Magik Review

The Trail Magik is extremely compact. See the photo above with it folded in the side of my backpack when I do not need it.

The Trail Magik is tested and approved for use with hiking packs sized 30 L and larger that have a top load strap and waist support belts.

I hike with a Deuter Speed Lite 30 SL, the smallest possible size bag I could use with the Trail Magik.

I found it comfortable to use but I can see why a heavy duty pack is necessary, you definitely need those attachment points to be solid. I think in the future I might look for a pack with wider straps to help distribute the extra weight more evenly across my shoulders.

When I’m carrying my son for a long period of time I do start to feel some shoulder strain. This could be related to the pack.

It’s important to keep in mind that families who are just getting into hiking may not already have a pack that meets these requirements, so an additional (often large) purchase is necessary to use the Trail Magik, though it’s probably safe to say that both are worthwhile purchases. 

Another thing to note is that the Trail Magik is only for use with children over one year old through 43 lbs. This is different from many other carriers that are approved for use with much younger children. 

As with all adventure gear, it is important that you practice using the Trail Magik before taking it on any big trips. Because this is such a unique carrier,  I recommend that you take it slow and  start with short walks around the neighborhood, moving to longer hikes, then eventually multi day backcountry trips. 

Cleaning the product

We all know that adventures can get messy, so when it’s time to wash your Trail Magik, simply hand wash with mild detergent and hang dry. The website specifically states that the Trail Magik carrier should not be machine washed or dried. 

Which one should you buy?

Trail Magik Review

There is only one model of the Trail Magik so your only choice is which colorway you prefer! I would recommend, however, that if you’re likely to be hiking in areas where hunters may be present, consider choosing one of the brighter colors that can provide some extra safety. 

Buying the Trail Magik

The Trail Magik can make adventuring with a toddler easier. The best part is that it is easy to use, versatile, and allows parents to keep on adventuring with the kids.

Buy the Trail Magik Carrier for 10% off Using the code “BTBA” here


Liz Christensen

This was a guest post from Liz Christensen!

Liz Christensen is an adventure mom, yogi, and wife in the beautiful Midwest USA. She loves including the whole family on adventures, including their rescue dog Penny. When not on the trail you’re likely to find her on a mommy and me coffee date with her son Charlie.

Find her on Instagram @midwestmamahikes.

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