I took a while to invest in the Step On bindings and I wish I hadn’t waited. In 2022, I invested and have now been testing the Burton Step On Bindings for two years. After the first year of testing them, I looked at my husband and said, “you need a pair”.

Now we are both happy owners of the easy to step in and out of bindings!

Burton Step On Review

Now, I know if can be annoying to read through a full article. If you only need my recommendation (and my husbands), then I will say that our biggest regret is not having purchased them sooner. They are an investment especially since you need to use the Step On Bindings, you also have to purchase the compatible boots. 

I have found the bindings to be responsive, work well in powder, and are easy to get on an off. I have snowboarded in deep powder, icy conditions, over small jumps and boxes. I have had to take them off in powder and in icy spring slush. I have always been able to get them on and off without any problems.

Purchase the Burton Step On Bindings here. 

Purchase the Burton Step On Boots here

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History of Step On Bindings

Common Concerns around Step

Types of Step On Bindings and Boots

Are Step On Bindings Good for You?

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History of Step On Bindings

Burton step on bindings review

Snowboard bindings that don’t require you to strap in have been around since the 90s. Burton came out with one of their first models in 1999. It was a great test model that needed to be improved upon. Flow came out with a model in 1996 which features both straps but a pull down back so you can easily step in and click. have improved significantly since they were first introduced in the 90s.

For Burton, there was work that needed to go into improving the design to improve function, performance and safety. In 2016, Burton started to test a new Step On binding model which was the building blocks of the model that came out in 2020.

In 2020, the Step On bindings improved significantly and was pushed out by Jake through a collaboration with Craig Kelly. The model had some restrictions in terms of movement and stance than other traditional bindings. that snowboarders started to see the potential of a Step On binding.

Fast forward 30 years from the very first model, in 2022 they now have a Step On Binding and boot combo allows for an easy to use, beautifully designed and silent system. There are also better better cuff clips, updated liners, and hard and soft boot options. 

Common Concerns around Step On Bindings

Can I put them on and off in the powder?

In my experience and my husband’s experience, putting on and off my bindings in deep powders has been the same as regular bindings. I have found zero different.

Does snow and ice build up prevent them from working?

I have had the opportunity to thoroughly test this when my board slid into a slushy mound which then iced up my whole board and bindings. After 15 minutes of digging my board and bindings out. I removed the ice and snow like I would with any other binding. I then clipped in and raced down to find my 7 year old daughter that decided to leave me behind while snowboarding in Banff.

Will they fall off my feet?

We have the 2022 version of the Step On Boot and Bindings and this model has some significant improvements. This will be my third season wearing them and they have never unclipped from my feet.

I should note here that I do know someone that had earlier 2020 versions and the boot did unclip from one of their bindings.

How durable is the design?

They seem really durable and there are now videos showcasing their performance over big jumps, rails, and hard crashes. For us, we ride most of the mountain and love powder riding. They are very responsive which is something we love even though it took a bit to get used too. They also work well over the small jumps and boxes we like to ride.

Types of Step On Bindings and Boots

Step On bindings are an investment. Not only do you have to purchase the bindings but you also need to purchase the compatible Step On boots. There are a few different models to choose from and these also vary in size and prize.

There are a few different models to choose from and these also vary in size and prize.

Burton has expanded its Step On boot collection with diverse options, including varying flex, stiffness, and adjustability. The inclusion of an ankle strap in select models adds a unique touch. With wide and soft fits available, Burton’s boot range caters to diverse preferences. The collaboration between Nitro and Burton introduces even more choices for those seeking top-notch Step On bindings. Explore the selection for an optimal snowboard experience.

I have loved the responsiveness of the Step On Bindings paired with the Burton Felix Step On Boots for women or the Burton Men’s Photon or Ion. I absolutely love that their are two Boa straps on these boots that mimics the feeling of bining straps overtop of the boot. One at the top and then one across the ankle for added adjustment. It is a game changer. I would recommend these ones over the boots that do not have the strap. The lightweight and heat moldable inserts allow for a more conforming fit and added comfort.

There are also kids Step On Bindings and boots along with grom aka toddler Step On Bindings and Boots.

Are Step On Bindings good for you?

There are four main reasons I wanted the step on bindings. 

1. I needed an upgrade. As mentioned above, I was happily rewarded with a quality and responsive set boots and bindings.

2. I did not like it when my skier friends would have to wait for me, especially when we were hiking to find powder or some cool shoots to send.

3. My kids, age 6 and 8, were becoming really good snowboarders. I was finding that if I helped them at all before putting on my bindings, I was struggling to find them because they would duck into the trees.

4. I was becoming lazy. I was tired of having to sit down, put my bindings on and then get back up.

Purchase the Step On Bindings and Boots

Purchase the Burton Step On Bindings here. 

Purchase the Burton Step On Boots here

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