Snowboarding tips

Our family loves snowboarding.

We started teaching our two girls how to snowboard when they were one and two years old.

When we first started out, there were not many families that were snowboarding. In fact, the common misconception was that little kids could not snowboard.

Well, I am hear to tell you that kids, toddlers, and babies can snowboard.

But, getting started can be overwhelming. Even knowing what to expect your first time can bring on anxiety.

From gear suggestions, snowboarding tips, and trip ideas, we are covering it all!

(Please note that this is a new page and it is “somewhat” under construction and some new resources will be available in the fall of 2021)

Your Guide to Snowboarding

Snowboard tips


A complete guide on how to teach kids, toddlers, and babies to snowboard “How to Teach a Kid to Snowboard”. I talk about the older kid and adult progressions through snowboarding and the differences to teaching babies and toddlers. At the end, three different moms share their experiences teaching their kids to carve. The youngest one learnt to carve at two years old!

Snowboard Tips


This will be updated soon but we currently have our top snowboard gear for babies, and toddlers! We also have tried a ton of outdoor mittens and these 5 Outdoor Mittens for Kids are hands down some of our favourites for little kids.


I am excited to share beautiful places to snowboard and ski. Check out our experience at some of Canada’s Top Resorts!

Snowboard and Ski Trips

Our family has explored a few different mountains across Canada. Make sure you pack your gear and all the other essentials for your ski trip.

Check out these ski destinations in Canada.

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tips for snowboarding with kids

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