Sand baby
Our youngest sporting her super cute romper from Calgary based clothing company Teepee Tots and Company with hand pressed flower designs from Gypsy Skulls.

Recently I was on my own for the week as my husband had to fly to Kingston for a conference. Aside from averaging about 4 hours a sleep a night the whole week, I ended up having a blast with my two little girls going on little adventures everyday. Our last day I decided to take the girls to the mountains which is about an hour drive from our house. It took me a while into the trip to decide if I had made a dumb decision taking two young little girls by myself to the mountains.

Everything started off very smooth. I packed up some yummy snacks including air popped popcorn for my oldest to munch on during the drive. My toddler was so pumped jumping up and down as she usually does when she finds out we are going to the mountains. With a potty break and then a diaper change I buckled both of the girls in the car.

Loving the Water
Loving the Water

The car ride started off ok. My youngest  fell asleep after finishing a baby cookie. About 10 minutes in to the ride my oldest daughter wants some food. I give her some popcorn in a bowl. Next she wants a story, so I tell her a story. Then she wants the brush for her pony. I tell her I don’t have the brush for the pony. She says that I do. I say that she has it in the back with her pony. She says she does not have it. I tell her I can’t help her find it because I am driving and there is nowhere to pull over. Well… that was the wrong thing to say and a meltdown happens in the car. I try to see encourage her to look for it herself. She can’t. I then see if she could maybe play with something else. She can’t. I try telling her another story. She can’t listen. She wants me to go home and pick it up. But we can’t. We are now about 30 minutes from the mountains. I am trying not to lose my mind. The rest of the car ride, which is about 30 minutes, is her crying wanting to go back home. I begin to wonder what the heck I was thinking and begin regretting taking them on this trip as my 1 year old is awaken by screams. With 10 minutes left in our drive both girls are madly protesting. I start meditating, trying to focus on driving and shutting out the yelling. I manage to keep my cool. Finally there is a shoulder on the highway and I am able to pull over. I find the comb for her pony and life is good, besides the 2 gray hairs I now have….

1 year old walkingAll is not lost as I park the car in front of the Rocky Mountain Bagel Company in Canmore, Ab. The girls jump out of the car and immediately happily holding hands walking down the street. I remind myself that it was only 30 minutes of crazy and that it still might be a good day. We ordered some yummy bagels and enjoyed some good toddler conversation. The weather outside was a little frightful as it started to rain and look very windy. I was wishing I had brought their rain gear since there was no way I was going to put them back in the car seats now and drive home because of the weather.

Once we finished our bagels we decided to head to Quarry Lake which is a beautiful mountain lake in Canmore. It was wildly windy when we got there so I put the girl’s sweaters on remembering that they really enjoy being outside no matter the weather and it was me that wanted to snuggle under a warm blanket with some tea.

After walking 100 metres to the lake, the girls were so happy. There was no one else there and they instantly started digging in the sand. After about 20 minutes they both decided to start walking in the water with their clothes on. The weather started to change as if often does quickly in the mountains to a beautiful sunny warm day. I put their bathing suits on and they happily splashed in the water.

Family Time

Our day had turned out to be the best day I had all week. The drive home was easy peasy as they both fell asleep while I listened to The Lumineers. I am so happy I adventured with the girls. Maybe next time I will take them camping…..


By Annika
By Annika
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  1. It is hard to have a great day with a start like that but well done sticking it out and sounds like it worked out well1

    1. Thanks so much! So nice to have the encouragement. I think it helps to encourage each other because the days do end up going well at least for most of it. With young kids i feel like you have to expect some hard moments during the day.

  2. Great perspective Annika. Good on ya for continuing on with the day plan – usually is worth it, after the chaos subsides 🙂

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