When we first started we had a baby camping list. It made camping so much easier if we had done some planning ahead of time.

To help you enjoy camping I created this ultimate baby camping list that will help you get through about 3-5 days.

If you are going on a 5 day camping trip then you just need to add some more diapers!

Camping with a baby does not have to be stressful. In fact, you can even enjoy camping with a baby.

Camping has become so natural for our family that we can plan whether we are camping the same day that we decide to leave.

A couple of note

The camping  list is for weather that does not dip below 10 degrees even at night!

You could use this list for any trips away from home but might want to adjust the number of cute outfits.

This list can also be slightly adjusted for short trips away from home.

Since it is car camping it has less items than a luxurious trip but more items than a backpacking trip.

tent with words

Most people might think that to go camping with a baby you need an SUV or a van.

In one camping trip we packed all our gear for 3 adults, as well as our 1 year old and all her gear in our Toyota Matrix which is a hatchback.

We have a roof rack and a box to carry extra things. Our  Cougar Chariot jogging stroller was attached to our roof rack.

Update: We used our Toyota Matrix until it broke down when our youngest daughter was three years old. We now have a Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid. We also camp in our VW Eurovan.

Our Toyota Matrix with our chariot and our Box of gear.
Our Toyota Matrix with our chariot and our Box of gear.

The Ultimate Baby Camping List


– 4 short sleeved onesies
– 3 long sleeved onesies
– 3 sleepers
– 3 pairs socks (Can be used for toes and hands!)
– 3 sweat/stretchy pants (Two to play in and one to go over clothes at night if its cold)
– 3 t-shirts
– 3 long sleeved shirts (Two to play in and one to go over clothes at night if its cold)
– 2 cute outfits (obviously not a necessity but they are so small and easy to pack anyways!)
– 2 bunny hugs AKA hoodies (I am a Saskatchewanian)
– 1 fleece outfit (make sure it folds over hands and feet to keep warm especially when sleeping)
– 1 muddy buddy (to protect against rainy weather for older babies)
– 1 carrier cover (protect against the cold, rain and snow) for younger babies
– Toque (in case it gets colder)
– a pair of slippers (We love the Padraig booties for warmth or leather shoes)
– Shoes (If she is walking have one pair that she can walk around if its wet outside)


Sleeping bed (See “8 Unique Travel Beds” post for ideas!!)
– sleep sac
– Comfort blanket
– Optional: We pack 3 extra blankets to cover our sleeping bed (see below). That way we get to sleep a little longer in the morning because it blocks the light out.
– Husk her Husky dog she sleeps and plays with ALL the time!!

our tent set up

Poos, Pees and everything diaper related

– 9-10 diapers a day (If they are a newborn I would go for 13 diapers a day)
– Zinc (For potential bum rashes. Our daughter would always develop a bum rash camping)
– Vaseline
– Wipes
– Two bags that hold dirty cloths from baby blow outs! You can buy some at baby stores that keep the smell within the bag.
– 3 garbage bags (Especially handy if garbage is not nearby)


If your baby has not started solids and you are breastfeeding than you have nothing to worry about as long as you go on the trip as well!

This made camping when our daughter was 4 weeks old really easy.

If you are formula feeding make sure to bring enough plus a little extra for the trip. I know formula does not keep for too long especially without a fridge so factor that in while camping.

Make sure to bring a few bottles because sterilizing while camping will take a little longer than usual.

If your baby has started solids here are a few ideas!


Breakfast ideas: ToastSteel oats (precooked), Instant Oatmeal or Baby Cereal with pear
(To be really easy one time I just used a baby cereal cookie. This was also great when traveling in the car to go camping.)
Snack ideas: Leftover pear from breakfast,  banana, blueberries, cookie,
Lunch: avocado, strawberries, leftover rice, falafel balls (I like the ones from Costco)
Dinner: Kabobs over the grill, soups, lentils and rice with added water, sweet potatoes or carrots boiled , or packaged baby food. I really like the brands ‘Ella’s Kitchen’ and most recently on Dragon’s Den ‘Love Child’. Really any food packages that you squeeze out are really easy to use and at least nice to have a few on hand.

Utensils etc

2 spoons
1 fork
2x Sippy cup
2x bibs


No spill snack container
Two containers with lids

Lunch kit

Luxury Item

Portable highchair. We never brought one along because we do not own one. I have always thought that it would be great to feed our daughter in a highchair and also have another place to put her while car camping.


Medication/First Aid

– Camillia (Boiron Natural Teething product is what I prefer)
– Coxyntal (Boiron natural tummy soothing product)
– Benedryl (Just in case you have an allergic reaction and you need time to get to a hospital)
– Thermometer


– Husk her husky stuffed animal
– 2-3 bedtime books


That is all. I find our daughter loves playing with all the sticks, stones and leafs that we do not need to bring much else. Besides there is always a camping pot or spoon that she can play with as well.

Etta with her Husky Dog.
Etta with her Husky Dog.

Activity gear

– Carrier for hiking
 We like the an actual hiking backpack carrier for bigger hikes as  she  has gotten older. We like the Ergo carrier for shorter hikes and when she was younger and the MEC Carrier has always been good for us as she has gotten older.

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By Annika Mang
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5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Baby Camping List”

  1. A snot sucker!!! Our car camping list pretty much looks like this but we took our oldest backpacking with us at 3 months and she got her first stuffy nose cold the second night. We were seriously sucking snot out of her nose with our mouths so she could breathe. We never go anywhere without our NoseFrida now!

    1. Love this! I lol ‘d but I totally agree and we definitely brought one along now with my second daughter. It is so worth it especially with such little ones that can’t breath through their mouth yet! Great suggestion!!!

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