Everyone has experienced one of the most adventurous moments of all time. The Birth Experience.  While some have only experienced the birth experience as a baby others have been present or even been the ones delivering the baby.  As an adventure family website I felt it necessary to highlight the epicness of the birth experience.  The birth experience is one that is precious, challenging and sometimes heartbreaking. It is something to be honoured and  acknowledged as  arguably one of the most adventurous moments of our lives.

Two moms, two very different stories but with the same positive outcome. These stories are meant to encourage you  on your birth giving  adventure  and provide a look into two positive births.


Annika’s  Birth Experience:

Annika and Cam had their second daughter in their two bedroom apartment. The birth was quick, intense and calm. Everything in their mind worked out perfectly .

Before having my first daughter I was overwhelmed with all the negative births that I had been hearing about to the point where giving birth terrified me. After having a successful birth with my first daughter I was determined to change my attitude and go into pregnancy with a more positive outlook on the birth experience.   While  we cannot completely control the outcome when birthing a child or how it will go, the  positive stories were empowering and lifted the fear of giving birth while giving me strength.   I felt empowered.

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  Kellie’s Birth Experience:

Kellie and Keith had c-sections with both their  daughters in the  hospital.  Both births in their mind worked out perfectly.

Our birth story is not one that you typically find when searching for “perfect birth experience”, however, it was our perfect delivery. Actually, we have been blessed with two perfect deliveries. Being a labour and delivery nurse for five years, I have seen nearly every type of delivery and heard many birth plans. So for Keith and I, with our first daughter Brooke, our perfect birth experience was one where she arrived safely into this world.

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