The news is out and Born to be Adventurous has declared the best piece of winter gear for a toddler is…. A sled!!! Sleds are multi-functional, fun, useful and can be very inexpensive. Strong emphasis on the last point which means that if you don’t have a lot of money then sledding outdoors is the way to enjoy the winter. They are a must have for families that live with a snowy winter and want to fully enjoy the outdoors. Sledding is a great way to enjoy the holidays so make sure to get one soon! Here are 5 ways to enjoy the best piece of winter gear for a toddler:

The Best Piece of Winter Gear for a Toddler this Winter


While it is obvious that you could use a sled for sledding, it still needs to be mentioned. However, you may want to have one sled for the kids and one for you so that you can join in the fun as well. Also, don’t forget the hot chocolate!

Grocery shopping:

If you live close to a store and the streets and sidewalks are mostly covered in snow the kids will love riding to the grocery store. You will also get some exercise and fresh air along the way.

Sleigh Rides:

Pull the kids around the block. If the sidewalks have been shoveled then try the alley or pull them around the front and/or backyard lawn. Kids love having a ride. If you have older siblings then get them to join in and let them pull the little ones for a while.

Imaginary Play:

A sled is the perfect item for a toddler’s imagination. One day it is a castle and the next it is a boat. Endless possibilities for these little creatives.

Pulling Gear:

Heading skiing, skating etc. and walking from the car to your destination can be very challenging with young children, skis and all the gear for the whole family. Putting some of the gear and maybe even the little kiddos in the sled will help you manage the chaos.

By Annika Mang



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