Dressing a baby for winter is not an easy task. Not only is finding the best winter gear for babies challenging they are constantly growing and changing. One minute they are happy sitting in a stroller or carrier and the next they are crawling and walking! Early movers especially get frustrated when they are having difficulty moving along the snow and often do not want to wear mitts because they cannot move their hands!

The constant growing can be hard to keep up with financially. Without spending a fortune you want to make sure that the clothing you buy is either inexpensive or will last more then a couple of months and ideally two seasons!

Use these tips for dressing your baby for winter:

Head to Toe Winter Gear for Babies: Dressing a Baby for Winter

Wool socks

Keep the feet dry with wool socks. This also provides a bit more protection if your baby decides to take off their boots and step in the snow. While they are pricey for longer adventures outdoors we love Smartwool socks.

Base Layer

A favourite base material is Merino wool and Ella’s wool has some great selection for babies. Polyester is also known as a great material for base layers and the Patagonia Infant Capilene Set is great for those cold days exploring. While often these products are expensive so  opt for a  base layer made of polyester. Choose a long sleeve onesie and pants!

Fleece bunting suit

If you use a fleece bunting you most likely do not need extra pants or a sweater. A fleece bunting suit will help keep them warm in the colder weather and make diaper changes quick if you need to change them outdoors. Choose one that will fold over the hands if its colder outside. The fleece bunting suit can also double as a sleeper for those colder nights while camping in the summer. We like the MEC Ursus Bunting Suit  and the Baby Snowtop II Bunting   from Columbia.

Snow Suit

A one piece snow suit is ideal for this age. It is easy to get on and off for diaper changes. Choose one that will fold over the hands to avoid needing to buy baby mitts. We like the Patagonia Baby Reversible Puff-Ball Bunting because our daughter can move easily in the snow suit and we can add layers underneath if it is colder outside.

Avoid Baby Mitts

Baby mitts fall off, get pulled off and really reduce hand movement making it extremely frustrating for babies. Instead, choose a snowsuit that folds overtop of the hands! For extra warmth, add in the reusable hand warmers from Aurora Heat a women-owned and indigenous owned company. These hand warmers are sustainably made from Beaver Fur and are so soft. Your baby will love them! Use the code “BTBA10” for 10% off here.

Reusable Hand and Feet Warmers

The Aurora Heat reusable hand and feet warmers mentioned above need their own spot within this post. They really area great option for babies since the typical disposable hand and feet warmers can actually burn their soft skin!

Purchase them separately of as a bundle and save! Save 10% with the code “BTBA10” at checkout here.


A warm toque like the MEC Toaster Earflap Hat. Choose a toque that does up under the chin. This not only helps the toque stay on but also helps protect their chubby baby cheeks from the wind.


Soft boots that are warm are great for younger babies that will be sitting in the stroller or carrier. These warm MEC Toaster Booties well help keep those toes warm and also work great for camping. We have had some success with the  Sorel Toddler Snow Commander Boot  for our 3 year old and  have heard mixed opinions from parents that either really  liked them for their early walkers or found they were a little too clunky.

Since I have struggled to find winter boots that I love for my girls I reached out to a friend up in Alaska.

Sarah Murdock from the blog North Country Littles recommends these winter boots from Lily and Jack for early walkers  and when the temperature is around -6/20F. For colder temperatures she recommends  Weather Spirits Boots .

Photo Cred: Sarah Murdock from North County Littles Blog and Instagram.

Optional Winter Gear:

Baby FootMuff/Bunting Bag

A foot muff,  like this Skip Hop 3-season footmuff, or the MEC down filled troller bag, can keep a baby under 12 months warm and cozy while sleeping in the stroller.  Another option that outdoor moms have started doing is  to buy a down packable throw like the Double Black Diamond Packable Throw and tuck in and around the baby in the stroller. Just make sure to monitor that the throw is not covering the babies face and use at your own risk.

Jacket Extender

For carrying a baby in a carrier this BellyFit Jacket Extender attaches to your jacket to keep both you and your baby warm. This insert also works with a growing pregnancy belly without the need to buy a maternity jacket.

What are some of your must have winter pieces for your baby ?

Keep  warm this winter and get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

Ever afraid it might be too cold to get outside? Read  “Playing Safe in Winter. How Cold is Too Cold?” by Play Outside Guide.

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By Annika Mang
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