For the Green UP challenge a To Go Bag just might be essential.

Have you ever been in this scenario?

Your reusable grocery bags are ready to go and your coffee mug is staring at you on the counter. You have everything ready to go. Then you go to grab your keys, diaper bag and wallet…

Ok… This may be me that I am talking about but maybe you have a similar story with or without the diaper bag. Usually  I am running around the house making sure that I have packed everything. BUT I am doing this in between diaper changes, potty breaks and the occasional temper tantrum.

Once we are ready to go, I  have to make sure that my toddlers can make it down the steep cement stairs avoiding an accident. Usually I am  struggling to get my shoes on as I watch my 3 year jumps down each step  while shouting BUM BUM to my almost 2 year old so that she scoots down the stairs on her bum instead of copying her older sister. I then wrestle  one little gal into her car seat and then the other. I close both car doors and soak in the few seconds of silence before going in the car, turning it on and driving away.

If your anything like me you start thinking to yourself “Yeah I made it out of the house!!” What happens next is so typical. I arrive at the grocery story ready to take on the a shopping adventure with the kids.  go to grab my reusable bags  to reduce  waste and realize… I  LEFT IT ALL AT HOME! That is me… ALL. THE. TIME. Enter in the To Go Bag.

The To Go Bag is an intentional bag that you make with everything you need to reduce your waste while out of the house. It  helps prevent the accumulation of waste like  plastic bags, take out food plastic/styrofoam waste and coffee cups. For the challenge, if we happen to forget out To Go Bag items it  will mean we will NOT be buying food from the grocery store and I will not be getting a coffee.

One of my go to websites called Pare Down Home suggested creating a To Go bag. A bag with all your essentials that help eliminate waste while shopping. Yes you still need to create the bag but if it is intentionally created and readily available at your front door OR even left in the car you will more likely not forget to bring them.

Please note that I am not going to include my daughters’ water bottles, snacks or diapers in our To Go bag. These are all items that we already pack daily.


Our To Go Bag will have

Water bottles, Coffee and Tea Flasks, Grocery Bags, Produce and Bulk Bags, Take out containers, napkins (or use the reusable wipes!),  reusable straws (Or use the ones that are in our daughters’ water bottles),  set of reusable utensils


Did we miss anything? What would you add to your To  Go Bag?


Join the Green UP Challenge and pick a small Green UP goal or try reducing your waste to a single jar.

Change matters  no matter how big or small


By Annika Mang
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2 thoughts on “The To Go Bag: Waste free kit essentials”

  1. Gone are the days when people can no longer have no conscience thought of waste and the environment. This type of initiative seems to me to be a great way of raising every day awareness of the importance of conserving our resources and reducing waste. Really good of you to spread the word and hopefully more people take up this kind of initiative.

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