When we first decided to talk about the Green UP challenge and the logistics of when to run it the Month of March stood out to us for two reasons:  Earth hour would run in the middle of it on March 25th and  the challenge would start preparing us for Earth Day on April 22nd.  I actually get excited to unplug the electricity on our house during earth hour and we have 5 ways for your and your family to connect by celebrating Earth Hour together.

Earth hour has has it helped to create awareness around the world and has even created environmental change. Celebrating Earth hour  is meant to bring the whole world together to shed a light on climate change by getting people from around the world to shut off their electricity for one full hour! This means unplugging all your electronics. Earth hour runs on  March 25th from 8:30-9:30 pm MST but there is nobody stopping you from celebrating it all night long or creating your own Earth Hour event!!

While we will be keeping our fridge plugged in and the heat on if necessary our family will be celebrating Earth Hour. We are going to celebrate Earth hour as a family and use the even to bond as a family and unplug for the night. Get ready to celebrate Earth Hour  with these tips:

Donate your Feed


Did you know that you can donate your Facebook feed to the Earth Hour organization? This helps them advertise their cause all around the world with a few simple clicks of a button. They post around 5  Facebook posts on your  feed reminding  all your friends and family about Earth hour.  Donate your Facebook Feed here.


Candles, candles, candles!


Did I say candles?! When my husband and I lived in Nepal we often did not have any electricity so we would use candles to get around the house. We also led a really simple life and would read our books by candlelight. Make sure to have a bunch of candles so that you can read stories to your kids and enjoy the simplicity  of Earth Hour. After the kids are in bed use that time to just enjoy  each other.

*Make sure to have each candle in a proper holder and do not leave the candles unattended.


Campfire Dinner


Happy to have a reason to enjoy a family campfire?! Keep it simple and roast hot dogs around the campfire but make sure to have the ingredients for s’mores.  Not sure what a s’more is?  Roast a marshmallow over the campfire, put it between two graham crackers and place a piece of chocolate (or two!) in the marshmallow.

To enjoy your campfire dinner make sure you have the following before March 25th:

  • kindling to start the fire
  • wood
  • matches
  • stick to roast hot dogs and marshmallows
  • hot dogs
  • buns
  • ketchup, mustard, relish, cheese
  • marshmallows
  • graham crackers
  • copious amounts of chocolate!!!

Invite Friends Over


Why not make it a celebration and invite friends over for the Earth hour party?  Enjoy a campfire supper together and after the kids go to bed enjoy hanging out around candlelight.



Don’t just unplug your cords  from the wall but unplug from everything electrical for the whole night. Shut down your phones and laptops and truly engage with the most important people in your life while  taking a stand for the environment.



Bust out the guitar, harmonica, spoons, piano, recorder


Invite your musical friends over and enjoy a jam session over candlelight. Sing a little Kum Ba yah or bust out some dance moves! Don’t have any musical friends then  play yourself.  Now is the time to teach yourself the skills you always wanted to learn and if you have kids I am sure they will want to join in the fun.


Enjoy the celebration and remember that even if you cannot do anything big just turning off the electricity for the hour is what is most important. Ultimately it shows unity all across the world that we do truly want to protect this beautiful Earth.


By Annika Mang





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