We love our Hydro Flasks and most people that use them will tell you that they love using them too! Hydro Flask is a company that designs a variety of different  water bottles, coffee flasks,  tumblers,  and  food flasks.  They are designed to keep your drinks or food hot up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours.


*please note that I was given product in order to facilitate this post but all opinions and views are my own.

We have been trying out their water bottles and coffee flasks during our Green UP Challenge. We find them perfect for everyday use and adventuring. They keep our water cold or coffee hot and they don’t leave a metal taste like other coffee cups that I have previously used.

If you have been following along the blog for a while you will know that during the winter hot chocolate is a game changer on  our cold adventures with our kids. Hot chocolate helps to keep everyone in our family  happy. Now it is spring and the weather is starting to warm up. Hot chocolate is not going to be something that we will want on those hot summer days. I  looked at my Hydro Flask  coffee flask and started to wonder? “Will this keep my ice cream frozen? Can I enjoy ice cream with my two littles while out adventuring ?!”


The Best Hydro Flask Hack that Will Change your Family Adventures



I put some Basil Blueberry ice cream in my 12 ounce Hydro Flask at 9:30 am. I packed some spoons and also some straws in case the  ice cream melted. We were  not going to let the ice cream go to waste even if it turned to liquid!  Then we set on our adventure.


A smile crept on my face as I realized that Hydro Flask had come through and we still had solid ice cream.


Our adventure was simple and involved buying some climbing shoes at MEC, a stroller jog, followed by playing in some trees at the park. Lunch time rolled in at 12:30 and the girls ate some apples and sausage while I peeked in  the Hydro Flask. A smile crept on my face as I realized that Hydro Flask had come through and we still had solid ice cream.

When the girls finished their lunch I announced that we would be having ice cream! Clearly they were pumped (see picture above)!  I pulled out the Hydro Flask and we enjoyed the cold treat.

I think the best thing about this Hydro Flask Hack is that I can now see myself eating ice  cream on top of a mountain after a long strenuous hike or by the beach after surfing a set of waves . Honestly the possibilities are endless. Lets just say that we have a 32 ounce Hydro Flask and we might just have to fill it all the way up!

By Annika Mang
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5 thoughts on “The Best Hydro Flask Hack that Will Change your Family Adventures”

  1. The eye operation for us was our hydroflask keeping sparkling water ice cold and fizzy for 24 hours. Pretty amazing and no other water bottle can do that…we’ve tried. So, the idea of a pint of ice cream after hiking Smith Rock all day is now on our bucket list.

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