Alright Mamas! You are important and need to be celebrated. Moms work hard every day to provide for their families and raise their children. And so… To celebrate, I have connected with sustainable brands and people to create an epic giveaway worth over $300!!! These companies are more than just a brand and actually care about their social and environmental impact. They  use sustainable materials like bamboo, organic cotton, and coffee grounds and many of them donate portions of their sales to charity. I am excited to share with you a giveaway with products that I believe in. Check out these sustainable gifts that will wow your mom on Mother’s Day (Giveaway May 1-15th). If your looking for other gift ideas then make sure to check out these gift guides listed below. *I was given product to facilitate this post. All of these companies and people were sought out by me because I love what they stand for and their products. All views are 100% my own.

Sustainable Gifts  that will WOW Mom on Mother’s Day (+Giveaway May 1-15th)

Tree Tribe Style

I first noticed Tree Tribe and their outdoor inspired wooden sunglasses on Instagram. Their ability to connect people to the outdoors and adventure is clear on their Instagram page. BUT…  What  really stood out was their desire to create a brand that was sustainable right from the start.

Plant 10 Trees

With every pair of wooden sunglasses purchased, Tree Tribe plants 10 trees! Their mission is clear in that they want to design rad gear while making a positive impact on the world. With over 80,000 trees planted I think that Tree Tribe is well on their way.


Tree Tribe believes in community and not just with the people that buy their products. They choose to plant the majority of their trees in Forest Gardens . Forest Gardens “are diverse plots of trees and supporting species that help communities self-sustain by producing food, resources, and income, while strengthening the local ecosystem.”
Learn more about  Tree Tribe here. 

Aventura Clothing

Aventura clothing entered my radar when I started looking into clothing brands with more sustainable options. After I crossed paths with Aventura clothing I started to really love what their brand was working towards. Not to mention that their clothing is fashionable, comfortable and sporty! That is a win with me!

Organic Fabrics

At the forefront of change, Aventura began their sustainable journey in 2001 as they started to look into using organic cotton in their fabrics. Now they have a complete line of sustainable women’s clothing.

Social Change

Aventura recently partnered with an organization called Uncommon Threads a “boutique” style clothing store that provides clothing and styling to survivors of domestic violence and women in need. Aventura donates clothing quarterly to Uncommon Threads and then women who are referred by a social worker, doctor, therapist, church or social service organization can come and purchase the clothing for $10.00. If they cannot afford the clothing then the fee is waived!
Check out more of Aventura’s sustainable clothing here.

Tablespoon of Wild

The person behind Tablespoon of Wild is Chantelle Lee. Chantelle is an artist with outdoor inspiration based out of Ontario, Canada. She also happens to have an engaging outdoor blog that was created as an outlet for her to document her adventures and stay accountable to her priorities and values. It has now slowly morphed into an outdoors advocacy project which helps connect people (parents) to the outdoors through story, art, and photography.

Reusable Materials

Chantelle’s signature design is to use leftover coffee to make coffee rings on watercolour paper. Then she uses ink to sketch a tent and finishes with watercolour paint to finish the painting. To create texture she will often use sea salt.

Giving Back

Her art started as a side project to raise money for Christmas Cheer (supporting local families who need help over the holidays with her local School Board). She received such wonderful feedback that she decided to keep creating art pieces and knew that she wanted to continue contributing towards kids wellness by donating a portion of her proceeds to kids mental health initiatives.
Check out more of Chantelles’s art work and her blog Tablespoon of wild here. 

The Eisenhauers

The Eisenhauers,  a husband and wife duo, released their album “The Road We Once Knew” on April 21st. Produced by the Canadian folk music icon, Steve Dawson in Nashville, their music is speaks to the healing power of nature and quietness through challenging circumstances.


Sometimes simple actions speak the loudest and these two have been an incredible inspiration to leading a sustainable lifestyle. Moving with their 3 children from the big city Vancouver, BC to life in the country in Kaslo, BC they have chosen to lead a simple life. On a personal note, the Eisenhauers have been a huge motivation to our family to unplug, make our own food, garden and buy used whenever possible. They are two people who inspired our Green UP Challenge where we reduced our waste to a single jar in March. In their humble nature they will be the first to tell you that they are not perfect but in their imperfection they have been able to inspire the people that cross their path.

Music that Speaks Authenticity

Their website biography says it best that “ ‘The Road We Once Knew’ is the perfect soundtrack for real people trying to live authentic lives. Beautifully played, sung and executed, it is a testament to the healing power of music and the value of wisdom gained from experience.”
 The Eisenhauers are set to tour Western Canada so make sure to check out their tour schedule here.


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