I grew up in Saskatoon Saskatchewan but every year our family would go camping for a couple of weeks in the Canadian Rocky  Mountains.

The mountain ranges became familiar at a young age since we explored and hiked when I was younger than 3 years old. Now that we live in Calgary, I am able to explore kid-friendly hikes in the Calgary area and mountain ranges weekly with my two little girls. Sometimes with my husband and most often without him.

 These 10 hikes for preschoolers are on our list to complete again this summer and you should try to complete them too!

Not sure whether to hike with your preschoolers or where to start?

Start with one of the easy hikes first, take your time, and bring lots of food and snacks. Try these hiking games and let your toddler wear a backpack to help them feel empowered by the hiking experience. Let them carry these items in their backpack.

When I talk about steep sections in this post I am saying that they are steep for a toddler/preschooler aged 2-4 years old.

I indicate whether the family-friendly hike will be challenging and if you will need the use of a carrier. Something that is stroller friendly is referring to a sturdy trail stroller like the Thule Chariot or the B.O.B Stroller could handle the trail.

If you are looking for some new gear for your kids like hiking shoes and hiking backpacks then make sure to check out these posts.

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I wrote a book!

All of these easy Canmore hikes are kid-friendly and featured in the new guidebook called Hikes for Families: A Guide to the Canadian Rockies.

The book features full descriptions of each hike with maps! The book is also available in Ebook format!

Hikes for Families A Guide to the Canadian Rockies

10 Hikes for Preschoolers To Do Near Calgary this Summer

Big Hill Springs

Easy – 2.6 km,  70 m elevation – located 35 minutes from downtown Calgary

This is the perfect first kid-friendly hike for young children. My youngest completed the hike when she was just under 2  and you can watch the video here.  The short drive to  Big Hill Springs Provincial Park gets you out of the city and into nature in such a short amount of time.  Expect to hike through beautiful forest, pass shelters made of logs and cross a series of bridges with small toddler-sized waterfalls. We like ending at the picnic tables where we let the kids explore and play in the water. Just bring a change of clothes!  Learn more about the trail here. 

Elbow Falls

Easy- Various short trails (Some Stroller Friendly) – 50 minutes from Downtown Calgary

Elbow Falls is a perfect place to explore just outside of Bragg Creek and located 50 minutes from Downtown Calgary.  While not a specific hiking trail it does have many walkways and lookouts to explore before reaching the waterfall. Instead of heading right back to the car enjoy exploring the rocks alongside the water.

Troll Falls

Easy- 3.4 km RT- Stroller Friendly –  1 h 20 minutes from downtown Calgary

Currently under trail construction. Troll Falls hike located near the Kananaskis Village takes you to a stunning large waterfall which is definitely worth the view.  The kid-friendly hike is easy for tiny hikers but if you are worried about the length you can bring along a carrier or even a stroller*. The only challenging part is the last 10 or so metres to the waterfall. You can decide to park the stroller or continue pushing over large roots. We continued on and made it with our double stroller.  Learn more here. 

Ptarmigan Cirque

Challenging-  4km RT, 280 m elevation-  1h   40 minutes from Calgary – Open June 15th-November 30th

This stunning hike starts at Highwood pass in Kananaskis. Shortly after the trail starts is a steep 1 km incline where most of the 280 metres of elevation happen. After the initial climb the hike levels off and you are within in the alpine surrounded by stunning mountain views,  beautiful landscape, and will spot the occasional ground squirrel. This will be a more challenging hike but absolutely breathtaking. Our 3 year old will try to tackle the hike this summer. Read more about the hike here.

Many Springs Hike

Easy -2 km, 18 m elevation  – Stroller Friendly –  1 hour from Downtown Calgary

Located in Bow Valley Provincial park this 2  km hike is easy yet full of beautiful mountain views. The hike is perfect for preschoolers just hitting the trail for their first time. Expect wildflowers, mountain views, and bird watching while on the trail! Learn more about the trail here. 

Heart Creek

Moderate- 4.2  km RT, 100 m elevation – 1 h 20 minutes from downtown Calgary

Heart Creek Trail is located only  15 minutes East of Canmore, AB. The hike is perfect for toddlers because it is relatively flat after the first 500 metres of the hike AND the series of bridges (I believe 8 in total after the flood that happened). If your lucky you might even see climbers making their way up the canyon. While the destination is not the most exciting since you can only hear the waterfall there is a slightly larger section of water to throw rocks. The bonus is that you really can turn around anywhere if needed and not feel like you have missed some big final ending. Learn more here but note that although it says 2.8 km return  I have been told that distance is from the trailhead. The actual distance from the Heart Creek parking lot is 4.2 km return.

Grassi Lakes

Moderate/Challenging- 4.2 km, 245 m elevation – Stroller Friendly Option-  1 h 21 minutes from downtown Calgary – Seasonal Closures on Challenging Trail

Grassi lakes is an extremely popular family hike for good reason. It takes you up to two beautiful turquoise lakes and offers a few options for families with little kids. Choose to take the easy way up along a gravel service road. This route is less interesting but is also the path that you can use a stroller on. The other trail is more challenging because it takes you up a steeper grade. The bonus of taking this route is that you have better views  AND you get to pass a waterfall. There is a cliff so make sure to watch your little ones.  Once you finish having a picnic at the top head down the easy route to save your knees and let the little ones enjoy running down the trail. Learn more about the hike here.

Grassi Lakes

Hike Around Sunshine Mountain

 Easy- 3 km RT, small elevation at the beginning – 1h 30 minutes  from Calgary

Rock Isle Lake is a 3 km roundtrip hike from the Sunshine Gondola on Sunshine Mountain. This beautiful hike levels off after a short incline up the hill. Then you continue hiking while being surrounded by amazing alpine and expansive mountain views. Last year our then 2 years old completed the hike with little issues and I expect our 2 years old will finish it on her own two feet. For a shorter option take the chair lift from the gondola and enjoy a 1 km downhill hike to the Lake.  Learn more here.

Note: You do have to pay for the gondola and chair lift if you choose to use them which does cost. There are also other hiking options from here that are longer if you feel like you can explore the area more with your little ones.

Tunnel Mountain

Challenging-  4.3 km RT, 300 metres elevation OR 3.6 km RT, less elevation – 1 h 30 min from downtown Calgary

This hike offers beautiful views of Banff and Mount Rundle. I recommend bringing along a carrier just in case your little one gets tired and needs a break.  We had a blast watching our newly turned 3-year-old hike the shorter version, 3.6 km return from Tunnel Drive, last year while our 1-year-old spent time in the carrier.  For more trail information click here. 

Johnston Canyon

Easy/Moderate- 1.6 km RT, 30 m elevation or 4.8 km RT, 120 m elevation – 1 h 45 minutes from Calgary

This unique hike along a catwalk in the canyon takes you to one or two thundering waterfalls and is the perfect toddler hike.    Choose to go to the lower falls only 800 m from the parking lot or to the upper falls. The upper falls add in quite a bit more distance, 4.8 km return, and 120 m incline. Please note that this hike is extremely popular with tourists and going in the morning during weekdays is recommended.  More trail information here. 

Johnston Canyon cave

I wrote a book!

Want more hikes like the ones listed in this post?

Buy the paperback book Hikes for Families: A Guide to the Canadian Rockies here.

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Hikes for Families A Guide to the Canadian Rockies
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  1. I don’t live in Calgary but we do have some great trail for the kids here in the Niagara region. Out fave is going to Short HIlls!

  2. Thank you so much for this list. We spent our visit to family in Calgary working through this list. The kids (and the adults!) loved it.
    Some our family hadn’t even visited, so it was a real treat!

  3. Thank you for the great tips! We hike a lot, but now we have two little ones and are looking for hike they can do, or that we can take the Chariot! Appreciate it.

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