I was recently blown away by the company luvmother. Suprisingly, it was not just because of their super soft merino wool fabrics and stylish clothing that  is also great for adventuring. It was because of  all the fine details that they have thought about in terms of creating a sustainable brand. They use ethically sourced merino wool and care about their environmental footprint by offsetting their emmisions by being carbon neutral certified.  I think I am in Luv….

About luvmother

luvmother is a  family owned business based out of Montreal, Quebec . They pride themselves on  creating quality products with a conscience and they are definitly making a stamp on sustainability.  They use high quality materials like ethically sourced Merino wool that make their clothes technical for the outdoors but their style keeps the clothing hip and stylish for so many different occasions.

Note: While we received compensation in exchange for a review all views are 100% my own.

The Review

We received the Girlie Merino Tee Coral, the Everyday Merino Tee Birdy, and the Best Merino Hoody Night Blue to try with our two littles aged 2 and 3. We have taken the clothing on a few adventures and enjoyed them on fancier occasions like dinner at a restaurant. I think that is what I love most about luvmother is their versatility. Their  clothing combines style and technical adventure wear all in one. Ok… I also love that the merino wool is sustainably sourced, made to last, incredibly soft,  AND made in Canada. The ultra cute packaging is the cherry on top that just makes you feel like your getting something extra special.

Currently luvmother is having an Epic 40% off sale to make room for their new stock! Check out their sweet deals here.

Sustainably Sourced

I think it is so great when companies really take on sustainable practices right from the beginning. luvmother takes pride in the fact that their clothing is sourced sustainably.

Wool Sourcing:  They source the merino wool found in their clothing from certified non-mulesed or ceased-mulesed farms in Australia and New Zealand.  They use farms that comply with regularations governed by the RSPCA and the New Zealand Animal Welfare Act.  Their “mill partners encourage sustainable farming practices including environmentally aware processing, “landcare” re-vegetation projects and the creation of nature corridors. ”

Carbon Neutral Shipping:  They invest in their  shipping program and  are proud to have certified carbon neutral shipping.

Made in Canada

luvmother is locally owned by a family of 4 based out of Montreal. There current collection is made in Canada from sustainably sourced materials. It really does not get much better then that!


Technical Features

Merino wool has been a luxurious fabric that has been on my rador the last couple of years. It is so soft making it the best type of wool for sensitive skin and has many technical qualities that make it the perfect material for outdoor wear.

Regulates Temperature : Merino wool regulates temperature which means that if your hot it cools you down and if your cold  it helps keep your warm.

Breathable:  Merino wool wicks away/absorbs moisture making it very breathable when sweating.

Soft : luvmother Clothing is soft.  Merino wool fabrics just make you want to cuddle them like your favourite childhood blanket.  That is what my oldest daughter and I did with her new shirt. We took turns feeling the material and repeating “This is so soft”

Reinforced elbows: The elbows on the hoodie are reinforced with extra  material  to withstand those toddler falls.


The simple design  and cool colours definitly fit our families personality. They are perfect for hiking in the mountains and for going out for dinner at a restaurant.  My picky 2 year old who dresses herself loved the pink t-shirt with the birds on it. She consistently says “I want one with Bees (birds). My my oldest loved cuddling her soft  coral tee and instantly wants to wear it after it has been washed.


I don’t usually comment that often on the delivery of a product but I absolutely loved the packaging. The clothing came wrapped in a super cute reusable bag. Extra touches like those really stand out and it shows that luvmother takes pride in their clothing line.

As mentioned above all they offset their shipping  environmental footprint by being certified carbon neutral.

Easy Care and Made to Last

I love that the clothing can be washed in warm or cold water and either line dried or tumble dried  on low. It is always a challenge for me to keep kids clothes out of the drier, especially if my husband gets involved in the laundry.

luvmother clothing is made to last and they encourage you to contiue to use their durable clothing with the cute little tag  that encourages you to pass it down to future children.


What you should know

  • In the fall their new line will still be ethically made and sustainably sourced  but no longer made in Canada. Their  clothing will be made in a small trusted factory in Portugal.
  • The hoodie and coral tee were softer than the lighter  birdy print tee upon arrival.  After washing the birdy tee it softened up.


luvmother is having an Epic 40% off sale to make room for their new stock! Check out their sweet deals here.





By Annika Mang


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