I first heard about Woolino in a parent group. One of the parents mentioned that they loved using the Woolino merino wool sleep sac while camping. The comment came at the right time since I was in need of a new sleep bag for my youngest daughter and a sleeping bag while camping. I did some research and fell in love with the idea of my daughter cuddling up in a soft merino wool.  As an outdoorsy mama I already knew about the magical properties of merino wool but had never thought about the material in a sleep bag.  After trying out Woolino’s sleep bags, my only regret is that I did not have one of them right when my daughters were newborns.

Sleep Well  with Woolino’s Merino Wool Sleep Bags


About Woolino

The idea of a sleep bag made of  merino wool came to founder Mimi during a night feed with her first child. She had been looking for a way to keep her daughter covered but safe while sleeping. Side Note… I feel like the best baby products come from a parent looking for something great for their child but realizing it does not exist… Yet.  Well, sleep bags already existed but none with the same magical qualities as merino wool.

Their sleep bags are well loved an have won a series of awards: Top Rated Wearable Blanket since 2010 on Amazon, Currently a Finalist in the Eco Excellence 2017 awards, Winner of Creative Child’s 2012 Top Choice of the Year Award, Winner of Mom’s Choice Award

Creating a quality merino sleep bag was only part of the Woolino mission.Their products meet all US and UK children safety requirements. Everything they produce is “made with Woolmark and Oeko-Tex 100 certified merino wool and GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certified organic cotton. They use nickel free YKK snaps and zippers that are also certified to be lead and phthalates free and carry Oeko-Tex 100 certification.”

Please Note : While we received compensation in exchange for a review all views are 100% my own.

The Review

We received the Grey Stars Four Season Baby Sleep Bag for Toddlers in Merino Wool. We have tested out the Woolino Merino Wool four season sleep bag in our home in the summer and while camping with our 2 year old. The temperatures have been anywhere from 10C to 28C when she has worn the sleep bag. Since receiving the product to test in May, the Woolino sleep bag is our go to sleep bag for at home and while camping. Our daughter seems comfortable in her sleep bag as she sleeps well and asks to wear it at night.

Regulates Body Temperature

The Woolino sleep bag naturally regulates  the  bodies temperature, warming the child up if they are cold and cooling them off if they are hot since it is made of merino wool. This is really important for  babies as overheating can be a cause of  SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Woolino even attaches a little thermometer and chart telling you what your baby should wear in what temperature.


Easy Care

Easy care is so important when it comes to baby clothes and products. Honestly as a tired mom I do not need any extra work. We have hardly had to wash the sleep bag because of its natural stain resistant qualities, natural odor resistant and antibacterial qualities. When I do, I try to finish the washing and drying the bag before bedtime so I do not have to use our other sleep bags. As I said above, it is our go-to sleep bag!

Please note that Woolino suggests using a no-heat dry cycle for their products.

Easy Changing

The well-designed bag opens from the bottom. This means that you can unzip the bag halfway to change a diaper at night or let your little one use the potty without having to take the whole bag off. This feaure has been essential even with our 2 year old daughter since she wants to head to the potty right before she is supposed to be put in her crib before going to sleep.

Camping with Woolino

Camping has always been a challenge when it comes to dressing your little ones and typical camping sleeping bags do not work for 2 year olds. The little ones usually just crawl out of them. The four season Woolino sleep bag stays on and our 2 year old stays warm. On the nights where the temperatures drop to 10C, we get her to wear a fleece suit with her pajamas underneath the sleep bag.

So… Why did Woolino choose merino wool?



Merino wool is so amazing and it is no wonder that Woolino chose the material for their sleep bags. I am not going to talk about all the amazing qualities of merino wool but highlight a few of my favourites.


Merino wool is hypoallergenic and is actually very soft compared to the usual scratchy wool products.  Sensitive skin types, like everyone in my family, can actually enjoy wearing merino wool without having reactions.  My little gal loves cuddling up in her sleep sac and I love how cozy she looks.

Babies sleep longer

I think my favourite quality of merino wool is that studies have shown that babies sleep  longer after sleeping on merino wool. I think every parent can get behind more sleep with new babies! There is even a study that came out of Cambridge  Cambridge Maternity Hospital done, by Scott and Richards, that found that premature babies and those with low weight gained 10 g more a day than those babies that were not sleeping on merino wool.

A few things to know…

My 2 year old daughter does not wear just a diaper to bed so I have stopped putting her in the sleep bag at 28C or higher since I have found that she is too hot to fall asleep. What can I say… she is a 2 year old and knows what she likes!

I would love to see their sleep bag with a two way zipper. I like that you can unbutton the top of the bag at the shoulders and get your little one out. However, being able to unzip at the top a little bit to help get them out without having to unzip from the bottom would be a nice feature.

We had the size 2-4 sleep bag and it is quite large for my daughter who turned 2 in May.   It is definitly on the upper end and would  also fit my oldest daughter who is 4.

I have never tried using the Woolino sleep bag in a stroller or car seat but there are slits that allow you to buckle your child in their seat so that they can  wearing the sleep bag.


By Annika Mang
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