With one look at my daughter I knew that she was at the end of her patience. After the long 6 hour car ride, her hair was disheveled and her face was still covered with morning’s pancakes. My 2 year old is not a fan of having her face wiped especially with the disposable wipes we had been using during our trip and she won the morning’s battle. Enter my hero of the evening – Les Produits de Maya.

Born to be Adventurous writer Katy Lewis reviews  Les Produits de Maya and gives her opinion on the simple, natural ointments.  Compensation was given to facilitate this review but all opinions are 100% are own.

Les Produits de Maya

I squirted a little of the Les Produits de Maya ointment on a reusable cloth and that caked on pancake didn’t even stand a chance. Elated I looked around and wondered what else I could put the ointment on. I didn’t have to search hard as my little one began to cry because she had touched an orange with her finger that had a small cut. Again, I squirted a little bit of ointment on her wound and gave her whole hand a wipe. Her hands were clean and the citrus was washed away. When the tears stopped I was convinced that this may be the cream of my dreams. I was on a roll so I quickly squirted a little on her scalp as I had been noticing a little cradle cap. By the next morning it was easy to remove the dry flakes of skin!

I’m very picky with what I put on my skin and on my daughter’s skin. What I look for in a product is something that is safe for my skin and my child’s, that has multiple uses and that will not break the bank. Les Produits de Maya meets all my criteria, but there is also more “feel-good” news about to the product and the company. Their ointment is unique to anything I have ever seen.

About Les Produits de Maya


Les Produits de Maya is locally owned and was started by a French couple in Québec, Marie and Yannick (Maya). Once they started their family they quickly learned about oleo-calcareous ointment from their French friends. They created a “miracle product” that was in line with their natural lifestyle to use on their own children. The recipe is based on an ancestral recipe from Southern France and is lovingly made in Montreal.

The Ointment


I tried out the basic ointment as well as the other three formulations that add organic coconut oil, organic shea butter or both. The ointments each serves two functions, to clean and to nourish.The basic ointment is hypoallergenic and recommended for newborns or people who are allergic to either coconut oil or shea butter.  The Coconut & Shea ointment is the most popular option, as it combines the antifungal and moisturizing properties of coconut oil with the nourishing and regenerating properties of shea butter, so it makes a great makeup remover. Learn more about the ointment here. 

Usually when I apply cream, I get grumbles from my husband because he thinks that most cream smells like “the bottom of an old lady’s purse”. Now, I’m not exactly sure how he knows what that smells like… but I can assure you that this smells nothing like it.


The ingredients are simple and natural

The ingredients are simple: organic extra-virgin olive oil from the first cold pressing, organic coconut oil, organic yellow carnauba wax, organic shea butter and lime water. There are no additives such as perfumes. They add natural conservation agents, such as grapefruit seed extract and Vitamin E. I imagined that the ointment would be oily, sticky or perhaps even hard. But when I squeezed the first drops out, I realized that it was silky and smooth. It went on my skin like a dream.


As I mentioned above, I found three uses within the first five minutes of opening the bottle: face wash, hand cleaner and cradle cap remover.


Here are 3 other ways that I used the ointment:


Since weaning my daughter a year ago my skin has gone through some serious transitions. On my face I had very dry and red patches that nothing could fix. What I initially  found was a very expensive solution but every time I tried to transition away from it, my skin flared up again. I was extremely hesitant to use Les Produits de Maya on my face. I mean how could something so simple be effective? After using the ointment for 2 weeks the red dry itchy patches have not returned and I am still using the product. That to me was amazing and the reason why I want to continue using the ointment.

Make-up remover

I applied a little on a cotton wipe after washing my face and I was shocked to see that my face wash hadn’t been doing it’s job. Les produits de Maya removed all traces of makeup and left my skin feeling hydrated.

Toileting my toddler

My little one is out of diapers, but I still have about 5 million reusable wipes that I like to use. I do not want to go into too much detail about the toileting habits of my toddler, but I will say that she likes to use her potty in her bedroom. This often means that I do not have a wet reusable wipe handy for her use. Les Produits de Maya ointment is the perfect solution. I keep it in my daughter’s room with a pile of dry wipes and squirt a little on a cloth for each use.  I was happy to read that this ointment was safe for cloth diapers. If we have a second child, I will definitely use this product with my cloth diapers.

What I loved about Les Produits de Maya:


In the end I really loved the ointment and am pretty sure that I will continue to use the product for myself and my little one and  these are the reasons why:


  • The ointment was effective and kept my skin smooth. My rash did not come back after using the cream and I have been using it steadily for 2 weeks.
  • Simple organic ingredients.
  • Inexpensive – The 500ml bottle might seem small at $22.95 but you really do not have to use much of the ointment. It will last you a long time. You can also buy small travel size bottles for $5.99. This is a great option if you want to try out the product before paying for a larger sized bottle.
  • Multi-purpose: I love that I can use this in so many different ways and and on all the members of my family.

The down side…

My only wish is that Les Produits de Maya was more widely available because I’ll be wanting to stock up again soon! If you are from then you can get it from Lagoon Baby (this is not an affiliate link, I just happen to LOVE this store, trust me!)  

Learn more about the Les Produits de Maya ointment here.

For a list of stores local to you that carry Les Produits de Maya check here.


Katy Lewis is a mother, teacher and photographer. She loves adventures and her family is currently on a journey to sustainability. Her laugh is contagious and finds  a way to lift the spirits of those around her.



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