A beautiful hike   that is easy and leads to a beautiful waterfall RIGHT IN CANMORE!  I did not believe it when my friend from Off Road Discovery blog led me down the trail with our 4 kids in tow. But it happened, and she led me along the path with beautiful mountain views and  stunning fall scenery  on the Canmore waterfall hike.  Enjoy this fun hike with your littles  without venturing out of Canmore!


Canmore Waterfall Hike



Difficulty: Moderate

Distance and Elevation: 2km RT;  ~50 m

Facilities: Outhouses at Quarry Lake  a short distance in the opposite direction of the hike

Hike Highlights: Waterfall; River; Mountain Views;


Just one hour from Calgary. From Highway 1  take the 742 towards the Canmore Nordic Centre. Follow the signs to the Nordic Centre at  the intersections.   Park in the Quarry Lake parking lot.  If you have passed the Canmore Nordic Centre you have gone too far by less than a minute.Quarry Lake  also happens to be one of my favourite summer picnic spots with kids.

Trail Head:

From the parking lot cross the highway at the cross walk located at the entrance. Once you are across do not head straight into the trees on the small trail. Head on the trail that goes slightly left and a more designated trail.

Start of the trail


This trail was easy for our two 4 year olds but moderately challenging for my 2 year old because of the amount of stairs and the height. It also did not help that she was trying to keep up with two preschoolers that were  way too fast for her.

Head down the trail 400 m until you reach the look out with the benches. Enjoy the view  and look down to see the first glimpse of the  waterfall.  Continue on the trail and head down the flight of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs turn right.

*Note that in the trees to the left are old building remnants left from the coal mining. Our kids had alot of fun playing in the remnants for over 45 minutes after seeing the waterfall. Watch out for any glass from party goers.

After you head right you will head down another set of stairs. Take a look at the coal  that covers the path and the side of the hill.  Continue on this path until you reach the water and head upstream. It is not long until you will see the thundering Canmore falls!

Be cautious if there are any logs to cross as they were extremely slippery   and not recommended for little feet.








Benches at the View Point



First set of stairs


Coal covered stairs to the creek. From the creek head upstream to the waterfall.


The building remnants and the kids played with this “stove and oven”.



The Waterfall

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By Annika Mang



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