Snowboarding has come a long ways since the first person slapped a piece of wood to their feet. 

They are being made in different sizes and weights with varying technology.

Now, there are snowboard for kids as little as 1 year old!

Deciding which snowboard your kid needs can be a challenge. These snowboard packages are perfect for little kids but each of them are meant to be used differently. They even have little snowboards babies!

Choose the toddler snowboard package that best suits your little ones snowboarding needs!

Toddler Snowboard Package Review

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Burton Riglet

The Burton Riglet snowboard is the perfect “training board” for your littles. 

They are ideal for playing in the backyard, going down the local sled hill and  training on the trampoline. 

The Riglet Reel allows you to pull the board on grass, sand, water and snow. Add on bindings for a more secure fit and it becomes perfect for training on a trampoline.  The price tag is  more appealing  than the more expensive kids boards and they can be fun for kids to use even as they get older (up to age 6/7).

Best for…

Training or Toy board for toddlers and kids on sled hills, snow, grass and sand. Also great for training on a trampoline.

The downside…

Sometimes these boards  are NOT allowed at ski hills because they do not have an edge.   Even if your ski hill does allow them you will definitly want to upgrade  in the next coupld of years.

After School Special

The After School Special package is the “complete” snowboard package for your little one to start shredding the mountain hills.  It includes board and bindings but NO snowboard boots. Kids can wear their own winter boots with these bindings when they are really little when they are less focused on turning (around age 1-3).  Boots are recommended for extra ankle support as they start to learn how to slide and carve (around age +3). We have a more complete an updated review in the post the Burton After School Special Review.

The board also provides the right amount of flex for those growing muscles and is shaped with cruise control/easy level. The specific shape  prevents the edge from getting caught and also helps them rock on an edge when the little one is ready to practice turning. These are the boards that 3 year olds thrive on as they learn to board slide and eventually carve.

Best for…

Great starter package for learning how to snowboard since it includes the board and bindings.

The downside…

They are expensive.  The price tag is overwhelming but worth the investment if you can find a store that does a buy back program.  Learn more about how to  buy a snowboard for your kids here. 

Out of stock? Pick up the Mini Grom RockerThe Mini Grom Rocker does not come with bindings so you will have to purchase those as well. Add in the Small Mini Grom Bindings or Medium Sized Grom Bindings depending on your child’s shoe size.

None of these boards come with a riglet reel and would need to be purchased separately. The riglet reel is a retractable cord and attached to the nose of the snowboard.   It is great for pulling the little ones to the  lift and back to the chalet.

Not sure  how to teach your toddler to snowboard?!  Check out these tips to get them started here!

I have been writing about snowboarding with kids for a few years now! Check out our other snowboarding resources.

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    1. Hey Laura!
      You can use the grom disc bindings on the riglet board. Just so you are aware, the riglet board cannot be used at most ski hills because it is classified as a sled with no edges. It is a good intro for kids to be pulled around, used on a trampoline or a sledding hill.

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