Snowboarding with littles this winter has been SNOW much fun. Sorry with all the new snow I could not help myself. Anyways, it has also been amazing seeing our 4 year old progress  and gain more control as she is riding down the hill. It has also been encouraging to see her learn the practical skills like how to push yourself with one foot and ride the  carpet up the hill by herself. Now she just needs to be able to do up the binding with her mittens on and she will be able to go up and down by hersel! One of my favourite skills she has learned this year is also helping to save my back. Teaching  Kids to Snowboard: Standing Up.

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Now I would love to say she now gets up all the time for herself. While she often does there are certain times where her starfished body in the snow gets tiring to look at and I help her up. Also note that our 2 year old has yet to master this skill. Her short arms and lack of patience has just not been worth the effort to teach her yet.

Teaching Kids to Snowboard: Standing Up!

When Should you Teach Them to Get Up?

Teach your little one after they have gone snowboarding 1-2 times. Getting up can be hard and telling them to master this tough skill their first time can be extremely discouraging.  Once they have learnt the skill then encourage them to try getting up themselves everytime they fall. If they seem to be getting tired then have a goal of them getting up themselves a couple times a snowboard session.

What age can a child learn to get up by themselves?

Children over the age of 4 and some stronger 3 year olds.  It is very unlikely that a 2 year old or younger old will be able to get up by themselves.

Teaching Your Kid to Get Up  while Snowboarding

 First tell them they are learning a new important skill and that is exciting! They are a big kid now and can  learn this very important skill.  Then use these tips to teach them how:

  1. Lift legs up and roll onto tummy (Ideally so legs are downhill otherwise it is challenging)

  2. Put hands down in front of you

  3. Walk hands all the way to the feet/snowboard

  4. Push up to a stand!

  5. Shred On!

Once they have learned to get up on their own encourage them to get up by themselves every time they fall. Remember there may be occasions where you will still help them up after they have fallen. They are still little after all and the goal is to have fun!

By Annika Mang
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