The cold weather can be hard especially when you have little kids. Even in the cold it is important to get outside. The benefits of the outdoors are so important for the whole family that staying inside should not be an option. Getting out and hiking with kids is a great way burn off some energy and rejuvenate.

Remember that hiking in the winter is more challenging but the best part is that 3 of these hikes are great for bringing along a sled for littles t be pulled in. Otherwise bring a carrier in case they need some “help”.  Check out these 4 Fun Winter Hikes for Toddlers around Calgary.

Tip: Make sure to bring some sort of micro spike along to put on you feet if the trail becomes slippery.

4 Fun Winter Hikes for Toddlers around Calgary

Troll Falls

Easy- 3.4 km RT, 165 m- Sled Friendly* –  1 h 20 minutes from downtown Calgary  

This hike  is a favourite for toddlers in both the summer and winter months. It is an easy hike with a large frozen waterfall as a reward**. The trail is  located off highway 40 near the Kananaskis village. Enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains about halfway to the falls. Follow the signs to Troll Falls on the wide trail. Near the end of the hike follow the sign to Troll Falls where the trail narrows. Troll Falls is located roughly 20 metres down the path.  Learn more about the falls   here. 

*This hike has been done while towing two toddlers in a sled. Be cautious on the downhill because the sled can pick up speed.

**Climbing up the side of the waterfall is encouraged but be cautious while exploring the falls.

Grotto Falls

Challenging – 4.2 km, 50  m elevation- Sled Friendly *- 1 hr 10 minutes from downtown Calgary

Grotto Falls is more spectacular in the winter than it is in the summer. The falls grow and show 3 different ice falls that ice climbers frequently climb. The ones right in front are called his and hers and the one to the right side is called Grotto  Falls.  The hike is  more challenging hike for little feet because of the longer distance and the icy trail since the hike is on the frozen creek bed.    Pack some yak trax and hike along the creek. A light sled may be helpful for towing the little ones but you will need to pull it up a bit of an incline.  Learn more about Grotto Falls here. 

*Grotto Falls is a sled friendly hike but some parts will be challenging because of the incline at the beginning and the ice. It is also a good idea to bring alot helmets in case the kids slip on the ice.

Fish Creek Icefalls and Ice Caves

Easy – 2km RT, 0 Elevaton – Sled Friendly- In Calgary

Located in Calgary and a fun local secret is the short hike to Fish Creek   Ice Falls and Ice Caves along the creek. The creek MUST be frozen for a while before adventuring along this route. From the  visitor centre walk along the path  until you reach the bridge.  Turn right and follow the creek until you reach the frozen falls. Explore along the creek, in the caves and waterfall at your own risk.   Learn more about the Fish Creek Icefalls and Ice Caves here. 

Johnston Canyon

Easy/Moderate- 1.6 km RT, 30 m elevation or 4.8 km RT, 120 m elevation – 1 h 45 minutes from downtown Calgary

Johnston Canyon is a popular winter hike for good reason. The hike takes you to not one but two gorgeous waterfalls. It is perfect for little feet as you can decide whether you stop at the first falls or continue on to the second.  In the winter time these waterfalls are incredible ice falls that attract both tourists and locals that take in their beauty. Sometimes you might also see ice climbers scaling the falls. Learn more about Johnston Canyon here. 

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