Who am I?  The short version, Jack of all trades, master of none!  I am an adventurer at heart, who loves trying new things and meeting new people along the way.  I haven’t really mastered a hobby because I have so many things that I love to dabble in.  Some of my favourite adventures include hiking, biking, kayaking and climbing, but I’m generally open to trying anything (bearing in mind I’m petrified of heights, and afraid of water).  I enjoy pushing myself to do things that I’m afraid of, like doing a tree tops ropes course and white water rafting all in one day, because I know my personal fears are irrational.

Postpartum Anxiety

I had a really rough time postpartum, and struggled with postpartum anxiety for months after having my little one.  Basically I closed myself off from everyone around me and was not like myself at all. I found myself worrying about all the little things. Is she eating enough, is she sleeping enough, what was that cough, is she too hot/too cold?  My little munchkin was delivered not breathing, because she had the cord wrapped around her neck and she was also jaundiced. It was a lot to handle and to top it off it was a struggle to keep her awake to feed.  This not only affected my supply but was really stressful for someone who hadn’t had a ton of experience with babies.

At about the 4 month mark, I slowly took control of my anxiety using mindfulness and really letting go of all the little things.

Yes, my kid was still a terrible eater, and yes, she was tiny, but she was still growing and following her growth curve, and I realized it would all be ok. Soon after taking control I was able to head out to the climbing gym with my husband and some friends to start to feel like myself again.  Then, we even went on our first overnight ski trip without her and I felt so refreshed.

When summer rolled we took her camping, hiking, and out in our kayaks. We even took her to Greece at 11 months old!  Travelling with her was truly liberating. I realized that adventuring and traveling with our daughter was possible. Of course I was worried about how she would eat and travel, but it turns out she did fantastic. I was able to completely relax and enjoyed the trip anxiety free!

Since we had our daughter it has been a top priority for us to incorporate her into our adventures. But for me, it has also been so important to give myself the opportunity to adventure without my daughter. Adventuring with children is an incredible experience, but it is still nice to be able to have that little bit of adventure away from them.

Choosing to be a Born to be Adventurous Ambassador

Insert the role of Born to be adventurous!  I love the premise behind this.  Adventuring truly does NOT end when you have children.  As mothers, I feel like we often forget who we once were prior to having children, or we give up our passions in order to be the “perfect mom”.  How can we truly be present if that passionate part of ourselves isn’t ignited every once in a while?  Don’t we deserve time to recharge ourselves?  Heck yes! This group provides a great platform to bring like-minded women together to have fun while leaving the kiddos behind.

I admit, I joined this group and sat back for what felt like a really long while before I went to an event.  Why? Because I used to be quite fit, suffered an injury and have been working hard at physio to get myself back to full functionality.  I felt afraid of not being as good at something or holding people back if I attended an event.  I finally signed up for my first event; mama’s night out at Bolder.

I met some amazing women at this event, and guess what? My fears were completely unfounded.  The BEST part of this group is that there is absolutely no judgement. All I heard was encouragement and everyone was so welcoming.  We all have to start somewhere, and the best way is to just throw caution to the wind and do it.  This group is a great way to get out there and connect with others who share the same interests. We have such a powerful commonality. We are all mothers who want to keep adventuring. I’m so excited to meet more people and get out there!


About Ambassador Georgia

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Currently I am working  part time at Rockyview General Hospital and am the back-up tech in charge of Transfusion Medicine.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Cell Biology, a diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology and a lapsed certificate in personal training. I love learning new things, and have an interest in psychology, nutrition, the environment/animals and human physiology and kinetics.  The outdoors is my happy place, and while I hate the cold, I have found outdoor activities that I love for every season! When I’m not adventuring I can be found in the kitchen concocting random food dishes, reading, researching adventures, dabbling in photography and spending time with my husband, daughter and dog.


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